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Nokia Android Phone will Look like a Windows Phone 8.1?


A lot of screenshots of the upcoming Nokia Android phone have been leaked online.

This new device, which Nokia is said to call the Normandy, will have a software run by Android and will resemble Nokia’s line of Asha mobile phones, only this time, the device will be based on Android and not on the Windows Operating System. This leads to the conclusion that this new mobile phone that Nokia will release to the market soon will resemble that of the Windows mobile phone. Thus, the new mobile phone will seem like a Windows phone, but is powered by Android.

Leaked Images

Along with the rumors and speculations are leaked images about the Nokia Android phone. These images confirm that the device will indeed resemble your usual Windows phone. As you know, the company currently markets their Asha line of mobile phones and these devices make use of the S40 platform which is said to be part of the deal when Microsoft bought the mobile division of the company, including its service businesses, which cost them $7.2 billion.

Windows Phone and Windows RT

Although the Microsoft’s BUILD developer event will be taking place two months away, a lot of experts have anticipated that the company will soon be merging the Windows Phone as well as the Windows RT. And when it comes to the developer tools, the APIs and services are also expected to be supporting these devices, including the Windows 8.1, altogether. This could mean that Microsoft will be scaling the Windows Phone up and if this will really be the case, the mobile platform of the Nokia Android phone might be too much for a hardware that typically belongs under the Asha lineup.

Low Cost Handsets

Microsoft is aware that in order for them to be able to keep up with the growing industry of mobile phones, they need to come up with a platform that is capable of running low cost handsets, so it could develop and cultivate a place for their services and software. The S40 platform may not be it and that is why they came up with the Nokia Android phone. Well that is, if Microsoft will be willing to invest on this, despite the fact that Android is actually one of its fiercest competitors.

But based on the leaked reports as well as some rumors coming from reliable sources, it looks like the company is indeed willing to invest for this new Nokia Android phone. They believe that such investment will give them greater access to the billions who cannot afford high end devices powered by the Windows Operating System. The device is also perfect for those who are not keen on spending their hard earned money for an expensive Windows mobile phone from Nokia.

Although Nokia and Microsoft have not revealed any further details on the release date of the Nokia Android phone, rumors have it that they will soon unveil the device at the Mobile World Congress that will be happening this February.