The Nokia Lumia 520 is a top bargain and a phone that is a joy to use.

It offers great performance for the price, has a neat design. It offers a 4-inch screen with a resolution of 480 x 800 p, a Windows phone 8 OS and an internal memory of 8GB. There is a microSD card, but no front camera. The main camera is a 5 mp one and it runs on a Snapdragon CPU with a Dual core 1 GHz.

Decent for a Low End Phone

The Nokia Lumia 520 is a lower end Windows 8 phone, offering a decent platform for a low-end phone. It’s a little chunky, not so stylish and has some build problems and may appear cheap to discerning buyers, mainly on account of the plastic battery cover it uses.

Good in its Class

Yet, in its class, it’s a good phone and offers a good grip and some neat touches. You can buy the black and white models as well as red, blue or yellow shades. The screen is quite big for a budget phone, with decent viewing angles and color accuracy, but it’s reflective when used outdoors. Sharpness is good for a low-end phone and the size of the screen makes it comfortable to read content on websites and also for playing games. The screen is a little small for watching a film, but the video skills are quite good and capable of playing some video formats such as Svid and DivX, though not MKV files. However, you can use third party apps for handling such files, as you can find these in the Windows marketplace, though it’s not comparable to the Android or iOS stores. As for the camera, it is nowhere around the lofty levels of Nokia’s other offerings such as the 925 and the 1020. You cannot take selfies and there is no video chatting option as well. But, you can take fairly good pictures if the light conditions are good, with fast focusing.

Windows 8 Software – No Scrimping

The OS offers a consistent performance, making it a top device as far as functionality goes. The specifications are up to the requirements, with a RAM of 512MB and all the other innards to be seen in the higher end model 720. It offers good performance, with not to many glitches, though there were a few slowdowns. It is not too speedy. It may not be the best phone for gaming, especially when Windows Phone 8 is compared to Android or the iOS. You can get about 20 games from the Windows marketplace and there are only a limited number of apps, so if you are an apps freak, this budget phone is just not for you.

Integrated Features

There are whole lots of browsing and social networking features, with a people app playing the role of your phone book and also integrating with Facebook and Twitter accounts, so that you can get all the latest updates. Instead of using separate applications for each of your social networking apps, all these are woven together along with email accounts and SMS by Windows Phone 8.

The Bad

On the other hand, there is no camera flash, some hardware features are lacking and the physical shutter button is plain rubbish. The screen is also highly reflective. Though the phone is stylish, there are no stylish features, such as gesture typing, which involves drawing a wiggly line rather than typing. And, there’s no means of installing such features as well. Many users prefer gesture typing to the traditional method of tapping, especially if they are used to the new method.

All the fat of expensive Lumia phones has been cut down in bringing this budget phone to consumers. It’s a good budget phone, though missing in many features, which you won’t actually miss.

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