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Sony Xperia Z2 Specs, Features and Other Details


What to expect on the new Sony Xperia Z2.

Sony’s most anticipated successor to the Xperia Z1, the Sony Xperia Z2, is also called the Sirius mobile phone or the Xperia D6503. But then there is no official statement from the company yet on what this mobile will really be called, so for now, fans would refer to it as the Xperia Z2.

Although only a few details are available about this new mobile phone, there have been so many leaked images and screenshots that are all over the Internet now, not to mention some rumors and speculations written by people who claim to be insiders of the Sony Corp.

Sony Corp

Before we go on to the details about the Sony Xperia Z2, let us first find out more about the company behind the Xperia series of mobile phones. Sony Corp, which is more popularly known as Sony, is a Japan based multinational company, with headquarters in Tokyo, Japan.

The company has a diversified business which focuses mainly on electronics, entertainment, gaming, as well as financial services sectors. The company is among the leading manufacturers of electronic devices all over the world and they target professional and other consumer markets. Currently, Sony landed at the 87th spot of Forbes 2012 list of Fortune Global 500.

Live Images

Some web users have actually spotted some live images of the Sony Xperia Z2 or the Sirius mobile phone. The users also claim that the new device will be Sony’s next major smartphone that is set to be released this year.

The new device will be sporting slimmer bezels, thinner than the current flagship, which is the Sony Xperia Z1. However, the new device will be sporting a similar design language and the rear will house the primary camera. It is believed to be equipped with the same sensor that the Xperia Z1 has.

Leaked Screenshots

Aside from the live images, there are also lots of screenshots about the new Sony Xperia Z2 that are said to be spreading all over the web. These screenshots projected a reworked UI for the new smartphone although there are features present on the images that have already been featured on the Xperia Z1.

The leaked screenshots have shown the alleged Sony device to be run by Android 4.3 Jelly Bean. There are also some preloaded apps that were seen on the leaked screenshots, and among these are the Facebook, Maps, Movies, Chrome, Sketch, and many more. There are also sightings of new icons on the Quick Settings section aside from the visible new themes and new app launcher.

Earlier, the alleged Sony Xperia Z2, which is also known as the Sirius phone, was leaked with an impressive screen resolution of 1440 x 2560 pixels. The images also show that the device is backed by a 3700mAh battery and if rumors are true, this new device will be unveiled to the public by Sony Corp this month, during the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. On this event, Sony is also said to present the specs, features, and other details regarding the new mobile phone.