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Top Free Calling Apps Available for Downloads on iPhone and Android


If you own an Android or an iPhone tablet or mobile device, it is important that you are aware of the best free calling apps for iPhone Android.

As you know, mobile plans can become very expensive these days and long term contracts even come with some confusing agreements. It is definitely a good idea to take advantage of the free calling apps, especially if you are someone who is fond of traveling.

These apps are very convenient to use and they even allow you to save a lot of money for long distance, domestic and international calls. Here’s a list of these apps that you should definitely try.


Rebtel is among the best free calling apps for iPhone Android nowadays. The app allows you to call any phone or device and even PCs and tablet devices. It can also be used to make international calls for almost 98% less than what you could end up spending when making that call using a mobile plan, through traditional carriers.

The calls are free in between Rebtel users, and therefore, the person that you will be calling should have the Rebtel app installed on their iPhone or Android device.  There is also no need for you to come up with a separate contact list in order to make use of the app.


Tango is another app that allows you to make free calls using your iPhone or Android phone. Aside from making calls, it also allows you to send free messages on various platforms, making it one of the best free calling apps for iPhone Android phones. It also gives users an option to send audio messages, share photos on Facebook, and also comes with video filter and avatar features.

There is a Tango Surprise pack that a user could obtain but this comes with an additional cost. This pack gives users an option to enjoy animations display during a chat conversation and they can even play games.


Line is becoming more and more popular these days and it is definitely one of the best free calling apps for iPhone Android phones. The app allows users to make free calls and send text messages all day and all night. Using the free voice call and text messaging features is so easy and you also have the option to send photos. It also comes equipped with a messaging system, ideal for users who want to bypass the use of traditional SMS feature.

One of the free calling apps featured on the list above may just be what you are searching for your iPhone or Android mobile device. There are actually several other apps that are also considered as among the best free calling apps for iPhone Android phones, so you just have to do a search for them on your app store. With these apps, you will be able to lower your phone bills and you could easily stay in touch with friends from all over the world, wherever you may be, for as long as you are able to connect to the Internet.