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Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition – Top Upcoming Features to Expect


The situation is rife and fans of Minecraft Xbox 360 edition just can’t get enough of the game because the developers Mojang, 4J studios have promised an exciting TU14 update ahead.

While the game was released almost a year back, there has been plenty of patch fixes and glitch sorting being done in the past. Meanwhile, the people who made the game are also focusing on delivering prompt updates for various platforms that they have been working on. Recently, they made a post on Twitter with some screenshots and an assurance that the Title Update 14 is indeed coming, but no date was specified. They clarified fans that the company needs time to finalize the list of updates and changes planned before submitting it for certification. It has been confirmed earlier that the upcoming TU14 is an equivalent of the PC update 1.3.1 and going by that list, these are some of the best upcoming features to watch out for.


This is an important tool in the game which will allow players to repair, rename items and it is mandatory if enchantments are to be combined. The anvil has a unique mechanism which requires some close observations before one can learn to use it efficiently. The XP cost system may sound a bit complicated for newbies because it increases based on the number of times repairing is done and on the position in which it is being used. They are very useful when it comes to repairing tools and armor. Players will be able to enchant items with enchanted books, rename items and more on the Minecraft Xbox 360 edition. Some actions done using anvil costs experience points while other might have material cost which will vary based on application.

Sideway Logs

The original version of the game on Xbox 360 has wood as a primary resource in it but the introduction of sideway logs will bring about a change in the construction strategy. Players will be able to handle more complex buildings and make use of this update which will make it easier to arrange logs in a way so that it forms a strong base. While other updates are yet to be confirmed by Mojang, the sideway logs is more of an assured update because they are one of the essential changes that console gamers need to experience the game in its original setting.

Tripwire Hook

The tripwire hook is one type of switch that can be connected to a tripwire and will get activated, when entities collide with them. It is a type of trap which can be connected to arrows, mobs or dropped items. Players use it on the PC platform during their hunting expeditions which is now being expected to be released for Minecraft Xbox 360 edition as well. As the gameplay changes based on individual creativity, players can use the hook to even throw magic potions on entities, ender pearls or any object that they choose. For new players, it is wise to know that if a tripwire is destroyed without holding shears, a redstone pulse will be triggered.