When you are using an email platform, there are various things that people like to check.

Privacy and security are the main ones among them. Emails are likely to contain sensitive and useful information and it is hugely important to ensure that they are safe to use and unauthorized access can be avoided.

How safe is Gmail?

When you are using Gmail, you can be happy about the security features implemented by Gmail. Every time you create a new account, you will be prompted to send in your mobile number for the sake of verification.

Punching your mobile number has multiple benefits. Not only will it help you in resetting your password in case you forget it, but at the same time, it also helps in avoiding spam accounts. Despite these measures, you are advised to change your password from time to time because this is one of the best strategies of keeping the intruders at bay.

Simultaneous login

Right below your Gmail page, you will find details of your activity. Not only does Gmail offer you details about when was the last account activity recorded but it will also offer details of simultaneous logins.

This feature comes in handy when you are looking to spot any unexpected activities. If your password has been hacked and your account has been compromised and yet you are unaware of the same, checking the activity section will show you the IP address of the device which has been used for accessing your email.

When you have the IP address in the activity page, you can track the details and this is one of the most useful features that are likely to come in handy for detecting any abnormal activities.

Set an alert

If you want to be notified for any such changes, there is also a provision for setting an alert. You can set down the conditions and thereby have an alert whenever any unusual activity is detected. If your email contains extremely confidential and sensitive information, it is best advised to set your own alerts because it will help you in detecting the slightest changes that will occur.

As far as security is concerned, you are not going to have any major complains on Gmail. You can find ample security measures on other free email platforms too. However, it is extremely important to check the details of the security aspects before deciding as to which platform you should choose.

Gmail is safe to use and there has been no issues whatsoever. There are endless numbers of people who have been using Gmail and none of them have faced any major problems. You need to do your bit to keep your emails safe. When you are working on a shared computer, you have to make sure that you log out from the machine before leaving. If you simply close the browser, your account may remain logged in and you may end up losing sensitive information and confidential data.

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