There are so many different apps offering nearly similar services that sometimes it is so hard to decide the ones you should use and the ones that should be avoided.

Some of the top social mobile apps that have managed to hog the limelight are as follows.

• Whatsapp
• Viber
• Wechat
• Line

Not all of them enjoy the same popularity; however, Viber has managed to capture the attention of various users. What makes Viber successful? Let us get down to the details.

Desktop and Mobile

Perhaps, one of the key reasons for the great popularity of Viber has to be that it has both PC and mobile versions. The major limitation of Whatsapp, the trending app, is its ‘strictly mobile’ version. If you want to use Whatsapp on your PC, you will need to download an android emulator on your PC which isn’t the easiest of things to be done.

However, Viber is one of those apps which you can easily install on your machine without having to fuss over blue stacks. There are many different versions available and you can choose the app and install it. The use of Viber is free and you do not have to pay anything to download it.

Free Calls

Almost everyone is looking to enjoy free calls and keep their mobile expenses in check. Viber offers you the facility to make free calls. If you are tired of your depleting mobile balance and despite using some of the best tariffs, you are going crazy with the call rates, choosing Viber might be the right thing to do. When you opt for Viber, it will give you the facility to make free calls and this is a good feature to use.

Multimedia File Sharing

Now, this isn’t a hugely revolutionary feature because almost all social mobile apps offer you the facility of sharing multimedia files. It is definitely a useful feature. There was a time when people had to either fall back on emails or even multimedia messages for transferring pictures. Owing to the flurry of such apps, you can not only send pictures but even audio and video files easily at no extra cost. This is one of those features that has revolutionized the dynamics of file sharing. In a matter of few seconds, you will be able to send pictures and videos to anyone you like regardless of where he/she is located in the world.

These are some of the top features offered by Viber and you can go through them and then decide for yourself as to whether you should download it or not.

The Bottom Line

One of the main reasons for using Viber has to be the desktop support. The reviews for the app have been pretty good and it looks like it is getting even more popular among people. However, it is still not as popular as Whatsapp is. But if it continues to put up an impressive performance, Whatsapp may have to face some strict competition. Those who have not used Viber can download the app as it is free to use and you can pass your own verdict.

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