Whatsapp is undoubtedly one of the best platforms for chatting.

However, is it entirely perfect? Couldn’t there be some major improvements in it? There is definitely huge scope for making some of the main alterations and here are some ways in which you can make it happen.

The Debacle of “Last Seen”

The “last seen” feature is perhaps one of the most controversial and debatable features. While there is no doubt that it remains a useful feature as it gives you an update when someone last logged in to check the messages, it is an unnecessary burden for many.

People have voiced the need to have an option for enabling and disabling the feature. Once the option is made available, it is likely that a majority of people will choose to disable it thereby making it useless. It is important to add that iPhone users now get the option to disable the feature as they can choose not to update their last seen time.

Free Voice Calls

Even apps like Line offer the provision of voice chat. The main concept behind it is to make use of the internet to make a call. You need a steady 3G connection to ensure that there are no call drops and that you can communicate easily. It is high time that Whatsapp too offers the provision of making free calls.

If this feature gets added, it is sure to zing the popularity that Whatsapp already enjoys.

Friend Requests

One of the major concerns about the use of Whatsapp is the easy sending and tracing of messages. Anyone, anywhere in the world who has your contact number can Whatsapp you and even view your profile picture. This leads to a lot of unnecessary spam messages and therefore adds to the frustration level. The better thing to do is to have an option for sending a friend request or one can also have pin like the ones used by BBM.

Incorporating any of these measures is likely to curtail the number of useless and spam messages that are sent. Innumerable people have complained about the improper messages that they receive owing to the lack of any filter for sending messages to unknown contacts.


While there are ample emoticons in Whatsapp, there is something different about stickers. Other popular social mobile apps like WeChat and Line have been offering stickers to be used during conversation. By opting to add stickers, users can enjoy an increased level of interaction and this is definitely going to increase the popularity of the app further.

The Bottom Line

These are some of the features that could see some improvements. Whatsapp is already the trending choice and if one can make some minor tweaks, it looks likely that the popularity of Whatsapp can scale to larger heights. It remains to be seen if Whatsapp will be adding these changes; however, given the frequency with which they keep tweaking minor features, it seems likely that at least some of them have a probability of being implemented.

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