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Download for Free Pinterest and Get Stuck Loving the App


A lot of people use Pinterest for collecting beautiful images found on the web, but others use it for a more personal reason.

When Pinterest was first launched, there was a lot of buzz going on around it. A lot of people were excited to “pin” and collect images of pretty much anything they find attractive. Some perceive this to be just a “girl thing”, since most men are not the type who always appreciate things based on a striking photo. However, years passed and the game has changed. Today, it’s not only women who are addicted to this social media app. Men can also be seen holding on to their devices, pinning away one photo after another. It makes you think, what is it about Pinterest that interests a lot of people to download the app? One thing to be reckoned with is the pretty images that you see in the app, there’s not a single photo that’s not in the best quality; in fact, even if the subject of the photo is not something that interests you, the quality will make you want to pin it.

Your Own Visual Board

One of the best things about the app is that even though you didn’t have a clear goal at first of what your boards will be like, as long as you keep pinning photos of the things you want to add, you will eventually come to realize that there’s a certain pattern there. Some people like to pin different kinds of home and room decorations, without realizing that those are the kinds of decorations they’d want in their own home; others pin photos of different styles of sneakers, which turned out to be what they want to get their hands on. I see virtual bulletin boards that have photos of beautiful and amazing places, and the boards are usually named “dream vacation”. Men who love tattoos have their own boards of different ink designs that they probably want to put on their skin. Different boards, different reasons behind. Pinterest is an app that’s not only meant to entertain you; it can also act as your “visual board”, with better images.

Discover Better Quality Images

Another good thing about the app is that you can visit other people’s boards as well and if you happen to find something nice, you can pin it on your own board. You don’t even have to be “friends” with these people to see their boards. Pinterest also has a “discover” button where you can see different categories of photos from men’s fashion, to photography, to travel, to wedding shoes, and many others. From the discover button, you may also see what’s popular. These are the photos that have the most number of pins and likes. On top of the tab, there’s also a search bar. Just type the word you’re looking for and you will get instant results. As an example, type the word “shoes”, and all kinds will come up. It goes to show that Pinterest is one of the most interesting free apps today.