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Download Google Maps for Free to Experience Virtual Maps Like Never Before


While traditional paper maps remain useful and used by many, there’s something about virtual maps that make people prefer them more.

Maybe because it’s the modern age and people spend more time on their devices than they normally would look at a large piece of paper. It may also be because internet connection and WiFi are becoming easier to access, at least in the cities where they’re not rare. It could also be because of several other useful information that they offer aside from the virtual maps. For whatever reason, virtual maps have gained popularity over the years and Google Maps is the first of its kind to offer more than just a traditional map. And ever since it revamped last year, the free app is just gaining more fans from internet users all over the world. Now, the Google Maps is not just set to get you from point A to point B, it also added extra features that would make you grateful for downloading the app. If you haven’t yet, you will appreciate the striking virtual images of the maps and its new features would make you want to use and download the app even if you’re not getting directions.

Google Maps Updates

The new update of Google Maps mainly focuses on the categories Eat, Drink, Play, Shop and Sleep. It’s so useful that you wouldn’t want to put your device down even after you’ve arrived at your destination. Its Explore feature allows you to discover locations that you may not be aware of near your destination. This way, there will be no need to use other apps to find discoveries near the place you’re going. However, one feature in Android devices was not immediately available in iOS devices in the update. All users of both OS were able to see traffic incidents in their route, but unlike on Android where there’s a feature of rerouting the trip, iOS users didn’t have a rerouting option to find an alternative route to their destination. It’s only most recently that this feature was added to the iOS update. This is a very important feature because, really, who likes to get stuck in traffic?

Use it Even if there’s No Signal

Google Maps works best when you have internet connection, but the app is not entirely useless even when you’re on Airplane Mode. If you want to map out a direction from your device for a later use where there’s no internet connection available, all you have to do is zoom in on the map you’ll be using and in the search bar, type the words OK Maps. This will automatically download and save the map, so that when you open the app even when there’s no signal, you’ll get to see and use the maps you just saved. Clearly, Google made this feature with travelers in mind. When you visit or go for a vacation in a place where internet signals are scant, this feature will come in very handy. Don’t waste any more of your precious time, go ahead and download this free app, so you won’t ever be late to arrive at your destination, or maybe you will, if you spend more time enjoying its features than mapping your route.