The world of gaming has taken on a new turn altogether.

There are so many avid game lovers that game developers all over the world are working hard and round the clock to come up with new ideas and cash in on this huge market that has limitless potential and endless scope for making it big.

What Makes Temple Run So Popular?

Temple Run is one of those games that have managed to remain in the big list of popular games for a really long time. The main concept behind temple run is to steal gold coins and keep running away from the monster who would be breathing down your neck.
There are going to be innumerable obstacles that you will find in your way. You can definitely make use of smart power-ups like the coin magnet, shield and boost distance and so on. What really makes this game so popular has to be the cutting edge graphics. The cliff and the trees have been very realistically portrayed and the game keeps you on the edge of your seat till the last moment or in other words, until you get ‘out’.

It is an endless game as you can keep running for as long as you stay alive. However, with time, the speed increases to an unmanageable level and unless you are a real pro, you are going to find it hard to keep going.

Can I Play It On PC?

Although temple run is a mobile app, one can play temple run on PC as well. You can use all mobile apps on your PC and the only thing that you need to do is download an android emulator. Bluestacks is one of the healthiest choices that you have. Try and make sure that you are downloading the right version of bluestacks and check if it has been installed properly.
If the graphic cards and the configuration of your computer are not up to the mark, you may find some difficulty in installing bluestacks. Once you have bluestacks ready to run, all you need to do is search for temple run for PC and then download the file and install it.

You will be all set to enjoy temple run on a much larger screen and trust me, the experience is going to be so awesome that you might never play it on your mobile again.

The big display along with the superb graphics and the amazing background score makes temple run worth all the effort you have to put to play it on your PC.

Is It Fully Free?

Often, a lot of people wonder about the cost of playing such games. While you can enjoy the full version of the game for free, there are a few in app purchases that you can always make. There are a few characters that are paid and you can simply use your Google wallet and pay for it when you are using an android version.
Not only this, even if you are looking to buy gems to save your life, you can buy them in bulk to help you enjoy multiple lives.

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