Is it possible for Yahoo Messenger to keep up with the current free messenger apps today?

It seems not too long ago that Yahoo Messenger or YM was dominating the internet. If you didn’t have your own YM ID, you were considered an outcast. If you didn’t know what Doodle was, you’ll be the laughingstock among your group of friends. YM was for friends who like to catch up with one another even though they have just been together. It’s also for catching up with friends and families living abroad. Truly, YM seemed permanent, back then. However, over the years, it turned out that Yahoo Messenger is not capable of holding on to its fame for long. With more free apps that offer the same service but armed with more special features, is it only a matter of time before this app, which was once the most important program, is taken down completely?

More Convenient Apps than YM

All my friends and family members who were on Yahoo Messenger before are not using the app anymore. They have moved on and found more useful apps to use. I downloaded the free app when I first got my iPhone for personal use and also for old time’s sake, but it has been almost a year since I’ve last opened and signed in to my account and I’m on the verge of completely deleting the app from all my devices since it has proved to be of no use recently. Everything that I used to do with it, I can do now with other messenger apps; instant messaging, voice and video calling. For me and for most people, that’s all that matters and if we can get those from another free app that’s more convenient and has better performance, what’s stopping us from deleting the app altogether? Yahoo Messenger, as time goes by, is old news. What does Yahoo need to do to keep the fire burning or at least get back the old support it was receiving back then?

Incorporate Changes, a Lot

In all fairness to Yahoo Messenger app, when I was still using it, it gave good qualities of voice calls. However, that’s as far as it goes for me. The app kept on crashing and the messages were also delayed. If it was not for some personal reason, I would have erased the app long time ago or have not downloaded it in the first place. If you read the most recent reviews of the app, you will find the same complaints by current users, so that should be a priority of Yahoo if they want their messenger to keep up. Quality-wise, I’d say there’s room for enhancement, but not as urgent as the system crashing. It also won’t hurt if they overhaul the whole design of the app. It can be nice to see something “new” and something that’s familiar. These are only small changes, and Yahoo definitely needs more than these to get back to their feet, maybe a whole new team to market the app in a different level.

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