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Angry Birds Remains One of the Most Downloaded Apps for Free


Since the first launch, the developers of Angry Birds have released different versions of the game.

Some versions were patronized, while others failed to live up to their expectations. However, the overall success of the app is not something to look past since it was widely perceived by millions of millions of players from across the world. If you’ve been living in the mountains over the past several years and have no idea what this hype about a bunch of angry birds is, let us give you a little bit of history and background of the game.

Angry Birds is a free game that involves a group of angry birds, a slingshot, and an army of green pigs. The objective of the game is to kill the pigs. Don’t worry; it’s not as gruesome as you think. The birds are determined to kill the pigs because they are responsible for egg-napping their eggs, and eat them after. So the birds thought of the best revenge they could come up with: they’re going to kill the birds by flinging themselves at them using the slingshot. The pigs set up some obstruction around them to make it harder, and sometimes, almost impossible for the birds to kill them.

Different Obstructions to Take Down

It is your job now to make sure that the birds get their revenge, because you’re the one who gets to control the slingshot. This game is a mixture of strategy, physics, and lots of luck. Add the word fun to that and you have yourself a game that’s impossible not to like. The sound effects of the game will totally get you hooked as each bird has its own battlecry, while the other birds waiting in line give their own shrieks of cheers.

The pigs have made their own shield by building structures using different materials such as wood, stone, and glass. These obstructions require a certain type of bird to take down, and of course, the birds deliver. There are different types of birds and each of them has their own special kind of attack and it’s up to you to plan a strategy on how to release them in a way that when you hit the construction, it will crash down on the pigs. The fewer birds you use and the bigger the destruction, the higher your star rating will be.

Great for Your Mind

As the game progresses, each level gets more difficult that will ensure some frustrated moments in your life, but the very polished graphics and sounds will keep you hooked even though there will be times that you’d just want to go inside your device and destroy those evil pigs yourself. Whether you download the game on your computer or smartphone, the intensity and excitement are the same. There will be times that you’ll get stuck in a certain level that no matter how many hours you spend planning your next shot, the bird will just fall short. It’s very frustrating, but this is why so many people enjoy this game. It’s not only fun, it also exercises your mind.