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The Easy Way To Downgrade From Windows 8 Pro To Windows 7


If you are looking to downgrade to windows 7 from windows 8, you need to know that it is definitely possible.

However, the conversion is cost free when you have windows 8 pro. Those who have windows 8 plain version may have to buy the license key to downgrade. It isn’t a cumbersome process, but it will involve an additional cost.

The Steps You Must Follow

In order to downgrade from windows 8 to windows 7, there are a series of simple steps that you must follow. Merely doing as directed will help you change your operating system.

The License Key

We are all aware of the importance of the license key. If you are looking to have a new operating system, you will have to look for the license key. Even if the key for windows 7 has already been used, there is absolutely no problem. All that you have to check is that they are not invalid. Generally, companies tend to store the details of the key as disc images. You can have the image and burn it to your own disc, which in turn can be inserted in your PC during the time of downgrade to obtain the required details.

Backup All Data

It is critical to keep a backup ready. When you are formatting your machine to downgrade the operating system, you will lose your files. Not just files; you will have to re-install the drivers again too. This is the reason you should be careful while noting down the details of the driver. These driver details will be useful when you are re-installing them on your machine.
While there are a lot of drivers whose details you may have to note, the ones that remain of highest value and significance have to be the network adapter, display adapter and the pointing device.

The Activation Code

When you have inserted your booting CD and have installed windows 7, there will be a prompt for activation code. This is a one time code which helps in kick starting the new operating system. In order to obtain this code, you will have to call the helpline number for Microsoft and obtain the details.

Unless you fill in this code, you cannot proceed towards the installation process. After the activation code has been supplied, there would be other details that you will have to enter. It should be simple and requires no additional instructions.

Reinstalling The Drivers

Now that you have windows 7 on your machine, you would need to re-install the drivers all over again as it will help you in extracting the full use of your system. You can make use of the old details that you had noted down. Should you be lacking some information like the model number, you can always call the helpline of the manufacturers and ask them for the details. Some substantial details regarding driver installation can be found on the internet as well.

Following these simple and systematic steps should be enough to keep you going in the right direction.