In today’s era of smart phones, Google really couldn’t stay behind.

As Apple, HTC, Samsung continued to flood the market with their high end phones; Google too did its bit with the Nexus series.

There is no doubt about the fact that Google Nexus managed to land a power punch when it was first launched in the market. With the Nexus 4 in the market, a lot of people have happily welcomed Google and are proud users of the phone. However, the real question is whether Nexus 4 has managed to attain the position it deserves? Is it really worth your money or are you better off with other smart phones? Let us dig down here now.

The Features You Will Love

Nexus 4 is power packed with a lot of features that you are likely to love. With a 4.7 inches screen size and a resolution of 768 x 1280 pixels, you really do not have a lot to complain when it comes to screen display.

Even when it comes down to form factor, Nexus 4 is pretty impressive. The cutting edge design makes it thoroughly appealing. The finish is superior and worth every round of applause. Nexus 4 has always been in the news for coming up with an appealing design. The back end of the mobile is classy and stylish.

The Technical Specifications

Nexus 4 comes with a 1.5 GHz processor and it has a RAM of 2 GB. Such technical specifications ensure that you will not be complaining about processor speed. The RAM is quick enough to let you multitask. Even when you are playing games, accessing your email and have music playing in the background, you are not likely to face any kind of glitches because the processor is quick and efficient.

Points That Could Improve

Despite the fact that Nexus 4 comes with an 8 megapixel camera; it seems to lack the right focus and clarity that one would expect. The camera performance is pretty dismal and it could definitely see some major improvements.

Not only this, if you detest a bad battery, Nexus 4 doesn’t seem to be the right choice for you. A lot of users have complained about the extent of battery drainage. Carrying a spare battery may help because Nexus 4 means trouble as far as battery backup is concerned.

The Final Verdict

If you compare both the pros and cons offered by Nexus 4, it seems to be a decent buy. There aren’t a lot of problems using the phone and the technical specifications are pretty awesome. If you love to Google stuffs, this is going to be the phone you are going to love because it does come with some snazzy updates and surfing Google has never been so much fun before.

It is a pretty decent android phone by Google and if you are looking for flash and style, Google Nexus 4 is definitely going to rev up your style meter because the class of the phone surely sets it apart from the rest of the crowd.

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