Temple Run is one of the several free games that are able to leave its mark, and it’s so successful that the developers decided to create a new version.

Before Temple Run 2 was launched, the anticipation was very palpable. Everyone who enjoyed playing the first version was anticipating the changes in the second version, and they were not disappointed. Even though the whole concept is the same endless running genre, Temple Run 2 manages to capture the interest of every single player. For one thing, the game is set up in a different environment.

There’s no more jungle in sight, and instead, the setting is placed in a temple up in the clouds. The character, true to the form of endless running genre, continuously runs forward to an endless path, but is met with several obstacles. It still has the same story; the character stole an idol from the temple that leaves a pursuer in his wake, but instead of three small demon monkeys in Temple Run, he is being chased by a single, larger monkey. Still scary and challenging, Temple Run 2 makes a great download.

Same Concept, Different Fun

The controls also remain the same. At the start of the game, the character begins running and you use your finger to navigate him through forests, zip lines, and mines. Of course, it’s not Temple Run without the collection of the coins, and the control to do this is the same. Tilting your device to the right or left allows the character to collect the coins, and swiping your finger up to make him jump up to collect power-ups. The shield power-up allows you to form a protection from the obstacles, although it does nothing to protect you from falling.

The shield also disappears once you hit an obstacle after surviving it. There’s also the coin bonus that gives 50 extra coins that’s added to your total in that run. Like in the first version, there are also other characters to choose from, which you have to unlock first before using; Guy Dangerous, which is the main character, is already unlocked from the beginning of the game; Scarlett Fox can be unlocked for 5,000 coins; Barry Bones can be unlocked for 15,000; and Karma Lee for 25,000.

New Entertainment and New Addiction

While Temple Run 2 is so much the same as the old version, a lot of people who download it for free are still quick to become addicted to it. It’s not that it offers something new; in fact, after playing it for a while, you’ll realize how repetitive it is, but the app has great graphics that you won’t find in most games today. The developers have really given much thought to it, considering it took them over a year to develop the game. In the end, the waiting is all worth it because Temple Run 2 has given us a new challenging game, new entertainment, and new addiction. Even if the app is not offered for free, you can be sure that a lot of people will still download the app even if it means they have to pay for it.

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