Apple is a big name when it comes to the tablet market.

There have been worthy competitors but the giant developer is still firmly ahead of the game. In particular, the android Camp has taken the battle to Apple’s door step. However, Apple has taken it as an awakening call to spruce up its innovativeness. In the end, or at least, as at the time this article was going to press, the cake is being shared quite fairly by the major players. In any case, who says that the success of one should necessarily mean the demise of the other? There seems to be enough for everyone but all of it can hardly satisfy a greedy fellow. We can only say, ‘go Apple go’ as we also urge Android and the rest to proceed with their sparkling innovative endeavors. After all, don’t we, the customers, stand to gain from the race too?

The Surprise Package

Apple has launched what many users did not expect, at least, not at this time. As opposed to what many users would have expected from the software developer, Apple gave us an overhauled iPad. This release was greatly influenced by the features of the iPad mini, which can be said to have been a great success for Apple Inc. The device is completely  different from the fourth generation iPad. Apple iPad Air is currently the lightest. We can confidently conclude that it is miles ahead of the Sony Xperia Tablet Z. The pricing of this gadget will be discussed in another section of this expose. However, we can mention in passing that it is the significant weight shedding and the enhanced performance features of the Tablet that informs the current pricing.

Apple iPad Air looks Design and Build

To begin with, the name of this Tablet must be acknowledged. Apple has departed from the predictable routine names with such strain components as new, or just iPad. Apple iPad air begins to stir your perceptions long before you touch the gadget. Kudos to the innovativeness involved in the name search. The Tablet is presented in distinctive black and white appearances. The new model exudes prestige and premium characteristics. The aluminum bezel is a good cap to the progressive looks of Apple iPad Air.

Features at a Glance

There are good aesthetics to the inherent and outward features of this Tablet. The Tablet comes with a 1.2 megapixel camera which remains on the front side of the device. It has a matt finished behind with a good surface grip. It has a double microphone and a 5MP iSight camera which you could use to view and record your video at 1080p.

The Performance Features

The Tablet has not departed from the traditional high quality display we get from apple devices. In particular, apple iPad air features IPS Retina display that stands out as one of the best on the market. It splashes nice and lively colors and commendable sensitivity. It operates on Apple’s own iOS 7.The Tablet is also optimized by Apple’s A7 microprocessor. It is said to be the first ever 64 bit SoC to run on a mobile gadget.

Comparative Price Regime

The price of the device is a typical premium device value charge. It would be unfair to dismiss the price as expensive without considering the manpower, features of efficiency and better experience the developers have managed to include. You will never regret for your purchase of iPad Air and we mean to say, it’s worth the money!


In Rupees – INR 35900

In USD – $ 575.74

In GBP – £351.55

In AUD – 642.14

In Singapore dollar – 730.21

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