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Free Features of Gmail That You Can’t Miss

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There are various free email platforms that one can use; still a larger segment of people tend to fall back on Gmail.

It is one of those platforms that seem to be robust and comes packed with some of the most impressive features. Here is a snapshot of some of the main features that you can enjoy and thereby make the most out of your Gmail address.

No remembering contact address

Are you tired of storing email addresses because it looks to be a hassle? It looks like the Gmail team has finally heard your complaint and they have incorporated a feature to help you out. If you have someone added in your Google plus profile connections, you no longer need to have their email address. When you type an email, the contact will be auto generated. However, an important point to be noted remains the fact that there is a provision for disabling its feature and some people can choose to do so owing to security reasons.

If your intended recipient has disabled the feature, you will not be able to access his/her email address.


In today‘s era, no one has the time to wait for attaching of the files. It was really frustrating to wait for the file to be attached as you could not open another email in that interim. However, Gmail has made changes which allow you to send the email in the background, while you can carry out other operations and access different emails.

This is definitely one of the most useful features for those who are crammed for time. Not only can you compose multiple emails together, but at the same time, you have the option of simply hitting the ‘send’ button even when the files haven’t been completely uploaded. As soon as the file uploading is complete, the message will be sent and you will be prompted about the same.

Gmail Labs

This is perhaps one of the most interesting segments of Gmail. There are some really innovative features in the lab; however these haven’t been completely implemented and they are still in trial mode. If you are looking to enjoy these features, you can always visit your settings and enable them. Gmail does offer a disclaimer stating that the features can be withdrawn at any time without any prior notice. There is ample variety in this segment and it is up to you to go through them and enable the ones you would love to use.

Offline Gmail

There is a provision to use Gmail offline. Obviously, you cannot access any new emails; however, you will be able to access all the old emails even when you are not connected to the internet. This is once again extremely useful when you lose your internet connection in between an urgent project.

These are some of the features offered by Gmail free that makes it one of the top and the most popular email platform that is used by innumerable people all over the world.