It is official now! Minecraft updates are expected to be mind-blowing this time.

The gaming community is abuzz with excitement as the release of the latest updates is expected to make the game even more realistic and enjoyable. Do not expect anything but the very best when it comes to Minecarft as this is its flagship game.

The Power of Xbox 360

Minecraft was originally designed as a sandbox game by a Swedish programmer by the name of Markus Persson. Later it was adapted for android in 2011. Then later, it became available for the Microsoft Xbox. It was released for public consumption in 2012 as an Xbox 360 live arcade game. It receives regular updates through its co-developer 4J Studios.

A Live Arcade Game with a Difference

The game developers association awarded Minecraft with the best downloadable game award in 2011. And finally, in 2012 it received the Golden Joystick Award. This amazing game has enjoyed tremendous popularity among game lovers. As many as fourteen million copies of this game were sold for people who love to play the game on their PCs. An astounding thirty five million copies were sold for people to be able to play across all types of gaming platforms.

Playing the Game

The game is essentially played by using cubes as construction blocks. These 3D blocks can be moved but they have limited mobility. Your task is to build various types of structures using these blocks.

The graphics are great with the terrain laid out in vivid colors. There are rolling hills and green valleys. There is water and picturesque waterfalls to fill you with delight. You must play the game in this terrain.

You can play the game in various modes namely survivor mode, creative mode and adventure mode. Each mode of play offers great excitement.

Multiplayer Mode

If you love to play the game all by yourself, you can do so for points. However, if you want to pit your skills against other like-minded individuals, you are free to try the multiplayer mode. This can be done through online servers and thus you can actually play the game live and in real time against others.

This is what makes the game truly fascinating. People love to play Minecraft against others of their ilk. You can score points and test your skills to the very limit.

The ambient background music is an added feature that will delight even an ardent fan of classical music.

Rumors and Updates

The console version of the game is exclusively for the Xbox 360. Rumors are abuzz that the latest updates are regarding new avatars and bug fixes. It is rumored that Microsoft is still fixing some of the bugs in 1.8.2 and there were some tweets to this effect as well. So, Microsoft is still testing some updates before releasing them. There are rumors that these updates are slated to be released in very soon.

There is a talk that stackable food will also be a part of the updates and there is still more to come very soon. It is also being whispered that there are going to be some control and layout changes as well. The adventure mode and the creative modes are also likely to see significant updates.

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