There are a lot of different social mobile apps that you can use and when you are looking to find the best ones, you should first be familiar with the different features that it has to offer.

After you have analyzed the details and you have seen the details, you will be able to pass your own verdict. Let us analyze what viber has to offer and whether it seems to be a good enough choice for you.

The Top Highlights of Viber

When it comes to the best features offered by the app, the following deserves a mention.

Free Calls

Most of us are harassed by the increasing expenses that are to be borne because of the rates of phone calls. Viber is one of those apps that offer you the provision of making free calls. The clarity offered by the call is pretty impressive. If you have stable internet connection, you should not face any kind of problem and you can definitely keep your increasing call rates in check.

Chat from Your PC

Innumerable people have tried endless times to download Whatsapp on their PC so that they could send messages even when they are working on their PC. In order to do so, you have to download an android emulator like blue stacks. Viber is one of those apps that can be downloaded on both mobile and desktop.

This is a great feature and it has helped in revving up the popularity of viber. You can download Viber for your PC or even for your mobile. There are different files available and you can choose the ones you want and thereby extract the most out of it.

Spruce Your Conversations

When you are using viber, you can spruce up your conversations. There are a lot of smiley and emoticons available. It is boring to have a full text oriented conversation without any emoticons. Viber offers you all these facilities. Not only this, even if you are looking to send multimedia files, you can do this without any additional hassles.

Viber is free to download and there is no harm in checking out the details. All it is going to cost you is a little extra time. Simply download the file you need and check out its use. You are not likely to have any problems with the user interface too.

After you have used viber for a few days, you will have your own review regarding what you should use and the features that won’t please you. Definitely, there is immense scope for improvement in the use of Viber. There are various features that can be added. Viber isn’t the most popular app, but it still manages to enjoy a good popularity level.

In order to understand the intricate details of what Viber has to offer, one has to use it for a few days because there is no better way to get familiar with an app than by putting it to the right use. No doubt, with these easily and freely available apps, staying connected with your peeps is no longer an issue.

Technology Viber – What Can You Expect From This Free App?