Are you tired of your phone bills that seem to be increasing every single day?

We are all looking for ways in which we can get a grip over our increasing call costs and this is why free call apps are so popular. Such is the profound popularity of the app world that you can have an app for nearly all purposes.

It is therefore no surprise that you can find a lot of free calling apps. Having these apps on your mobile or tablet can turn out to be handy for you to cut down your call costs. If you are not aware of some of the top free calling apps that can turn out to be handy, here is a list of the ones you could use.

Free Calls With Line

Line is one of the popular apps that allow you to call people for free. You must have a stable internet connection in order to make the calls and talk with your friends. One main limitation has to be the fact that you can only make calls to other Line users. While it is free to download Line, it can be a delimiting factor.

Viber Offers Free Calls Too

Viber isn’t the most popular app, yet if you are looking for a free call, you can definitely use Viber. It offers you a neat interface and making calls is really easy. One of the best things about Viber is the fact that you also have a desktop version for this app which means you do not need to fall back on your mobile for the sake of calling. Viber is more commonly used for making calls than for messaging and if you really want to cut down on your phone bills, there is no better way than to download it.

Skype Is One Of The Best

When we are talking about free calling apps, it would be absolutely ridiculous not to talk about Skype. Skype is by far one of the best apps that can help you make long distance calls for free and with ease. Like Line, your recipient must have Skype installed so that you can call them for free.

However, Skype also offers you the provision to call those people who are not using Skype. In this case, the calling rates would be charged and you can’t call for free. However, if you compare the cost to even the cheapest of telecom services, you would still find the rates by Skype to be lower.

There are innumerable other apps that can offer you similar features and it does make it easy to call your peeps even when they are located miles apart. Such features come in handy when you have international friends and you really love to hear their voice.

Having some of the best free calling apps at your fingertips will ensure that you would be able to stay in touch with your pals without burning a big hole in your pocket. Ask your friends to download Skype and then talk your heart out without paying an extra dime.

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