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Free to Use Features From Gmail Labs You Shouldn’t Miss

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Whenever anyone talks about Gmail labs, what is the first thing that strikes your mind?

Some people are clueless about what Gmail Labs is. Is it an experimental set up or is it a research laboratory related to Gmail? If you are not aware of what Gmail labs is all about, here are the facts to help you through.

An Introduction To Gmail Labs

It is a segment present in your ‘settings’ section of your Gmail account. Gmail lab is a collection of some of the most innovative and creative features that are still in testing mode. These features are constantly being tested day in and day out and there isn’t any hardcore implementation in the email platform, as of now.

Every user has the option of turning the features ON or OFF. Even when you have turned them ON, you will have a disclaimer stating that the features can be removed at any point of time and there may or may not be a prior notice made for the same. The features haven’t been fully tested and this is why they are segregated in the category called labs.
Are The Features Any Good?

Those who are wondering as to whether or not Gmail lab offers any useful feature at all need to know that it does come with its own slice of features.

Undo Send

How many times do you end up cursing yourself for hitting the send key a tad too fast? We often regret sending an email to someone we shouldn’t. Gmail labs have been hearing your curses and they didn’t turn a deaf ear to your plea. You have a feature of “undo send” where you can configure the number of seconds to wait before Gmail actually sends out the email.
Suppose you select the time lag as 10 seconds, then you will have 10 seconds to undo the sent mail before your email is actually sent to its intended recipient. This is one of the lab features which must be rolled out in full mode, just because it is really helpful.

Read Without Opening

Tired of sorting through your emails, opening each one of them just to find that one message which holds all data that you need? You have another feature in Gmail labs to assist you. You can turn on the message sneak peak feature as it allows you to see the contents inside a message without having to click on it and open.

Though this isn’t a great feature, the kind of help it offers when you really need it is pretty awesome. There are countless other lab features that will turn out to be handy when you need them. All you really need to do is surf the different features and then turn on the ones which you think is likely to assist you in the best manner.