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Free Subway Surfers App Avoid Obstacles Download


Subway Surfers is an easy to understand game. The gameplay is not complicated.

Thus, it is ideal for people who do not want to memorize a lot of rules in a single game. You will surely enjoy this mobile gaming app because aside from not having to comply with a long list of rules in this game, you will also not need to do a lot of tweaking before you can start playing it. Really, you can play and enjoy it the way it’s supposed to be right after downloading it.


The gameplay is not complicated. You just need to outrun an inspector that is chasing you and get as much coins and keys as you can while running from the inspector and his dog.

  • Avoiding Obstacles

One of the things that you also need to do in Subway Surfers is to avoid obstacles that are in your way during your getaway. These obstacles are randomly generated so you cannot memorize them and try to make the same movements as before. Every time you start the game, you need to face random obstacles that are not placed in the same spots as before. This makes the game even more exciting because you cannot guess where the obstacles will come from.

  • Collecting Coins

You have to keep your eye on the coins so that you can collect them while on the go. These will be your virtual money that you will use to buy items. You also need to keep your eyes open for blue keys. These are rare so you need to keep your eyes peeled for these keys. They are much more valuable than coins so they are worth getting.

In Subway Surfers, you have to make sure that you are collecting coins while dodging obstacles so that your efforts will not go to waste. Getting hit by the trains or getting apprehended by the inspector will not do good for your character as this will end the game.

  • Special Missions

One of the best things about this mobile gaming app is it features special missions where you can get even more stuff for your characters. Subway Surfers presents special tasks that your character needs to do to be able to get the accessories that you need.

  • Monthly Updates

This mobile gaming app features monthly updates that you can download for free. These updates are based on the ‘World Tour’, which is created to show the different cities in the world. Each month, a different city is featured and the characters will be playing on that specific city.

Depending on the location, new characters will be added so that the characters that players will choose are the locals of the current city. The appearance of the characters will be based on the location of the new update.

When playing Subway Surfers, be sure to keep your eyes open and have your fingers ready. This is a game where your reflexes and your mind work together. Thus, this is truly an enhancing game that is not only advantageous but fun and exciting as well.