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iPad Mini 2 Price – Even the Smallest Tablet Has Better Specs


iPad Mini 2 is a great addition to the amazing line of Apple products.

If you are a fan of Apple product and waiting to buy a miniature version of the popular iPad, then Mini 2 is the right product for you. The specs of Mini 2 are similar to the popular iPad Air in several aspects. The only difference is that it is lightweight and portable than iPad Air. This mini device is a computing power house with an amazing list of features.

Sleek Design

Mini 2 perfectly fits in your palm and you can easily manage it in one hand. Weighing around 350 gms, it is also lighter in comparison to other tablets. Despite smaller size, Apple has managed to pack majority of the features you will find in other Apple devices.

Retina Display

Retina Display is one of the attractive features of Apple devices. The Mini 2 display renders crisp and detailed images. Watching HD videos on Mini 2 is an incredible experience. The highest resolution supported by Mini 2 display is around 2048 X 1436 pixels. The 7.9 inch display is densely packed with 3.1 million pixels that bring superior clarity in images and videos.

Advanced Hardware

The Mini 2 is powered by an advanced microprocessor known as A7. The processor is powerful enough to efficiently provide processing power to a desktop computer. In simple terms, one can say the computing capability of Mini 2 is equivalent to that of a desktop. The A7 processor is the fastest chip till date designed by Apple Inc. The new processor architecture has helped Apple to enhance the processing power by four times. A7 is also capable of giving graphics performance eight times better than its predecessor. It is also more power efficient which means multitasking does not drain the battery faster which is a good thing. The Mini 2 also features a discrete motions microprocessor known as M7. One of the biggest advantages of a discrete graphics processor is that multitasking becomes easy and the performance of applications is greatly improved.


The operating system is the heart of the device and majority of the user experiences with devices are directly or indirectly related to the operating system. The Mini 2 features the latest iOS 7 which is known to be a highly advanced OS and also has an aesthetically pleasing user interface. The OS is a perfect companion of your Mini 2 as it is designed to take full advantage of the advanced hardware in the device.


If you like giving voice commands to your device, Mini 2 features Siri, a voice recognition technology that makes the use easier. Siri allows you to give voice commands to perform various tasks such as sending messages, making a call, scheduling an appointment and much more. Siri is easy to use. It understands and interprets your commands and also talks back to you. Besides performing various tasks mentioned above, Siri does a great job in remembering your preferences such as remembering the app your use for a specific task or helping you in searching for information on sites like Yelp.

Extras with Mini 2

Apple has introduced several new connectivity features such as MIMO (Multiple Input Multiple Output). The device also has in-built support for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technology.