iPhone was a big hit and the history reveals Apple fans have always welcomed the new version of iPhone.

In fact, the arrival of iPhone 5 and the Apple fans enthusiasm to get their hands on the new iPhone got a mention in the headlines of leading newspapers across the world. iPhone 5S is the high end version of the latest iPhone 5 series. The price difference between base model of iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C is around $100. The iPhone 5S has a longer list of specifications as it brings several new features to the iPhone category.

Looks and Design

The iPhone 5S design does not have anything new in terms of looks. In fact, you cannot spot a lot of visual differences between iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S. Apple has not revamped the design of iPhone for a long time and the device is slowly losing its exclusivity in the masses. However, for iPhone owners looks does not matter much, the technology that is packed inside makes the iPhone owner feel proud.

Camera upgrades

The camera fitted in iPhone 5S has been improved in several ways. Apple has managed to provide 1.5 micron pixels in the camera which mean that iPhone 5S has larger sized pixels that improves the quality of the image and video captured by the camera. The True Tone flash is also the newest addition to the iPhone series. A True Tone flash has two LED’s whereas the normal LED flash has one. The Amber and White LED in iPhone 5S allows the camera sensors to judge the color temperature before deciding the right combination of white and amber light to brighten the picture. The camera is well protected by a lens made of Sapphire crystal. Other camera upgrades that iPhone 5S has received is burst mode and auto image stabilization.

Video recording enhancements

The company has introduced several new enhancements in video recording capabilities. iPhone 5S users can record video in slow motion while the iSight camera in iPhone 5S is capable of clicking and storing pictures even when recording is in progress. The company has also added geo tagging feature that allows you to store videos in a systematic manner.

Lightning connector

The much talked about lightning connector is finally a part of iPhone 5S. One of the unique characteristics of lightning connector is that it can be inserted in the designated port with any side facing upwards. This connector can be used to charge the device as well as to transfer data in USB mode.

Advanced security

iPhone 5S is the first device in the market that brings fingerprint identification based security in the Smartphone category. The Touch ID feature authenticates use of the device by scanning your finger print when you touch the home button on iPhone 5S. The biometric sensor is fitted below the Home button and is invisible to the naked eye. This feature grants you the highest form of security that you will not find in other Smartphone. It also prevents unauthorized access of your iPhone and personal data stored in the iphone.

There is no doubt the iPhone 5S is the best Apple iPhone money can buy. The advanced specs of the device will inspire many people to go for it.

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