iPad is perhaps one of the most popular products by Apple.

The designing and the efficiency of iPad has always been in the news and when Apple announced iPad Air, the market started buzzing with news and interest.

What Makes iPad Air so Popular?

Before making a decision to buy iPad Air, one must be acquainted with the main features that it has to offer. Those who are yet to be aware of what makes iPad Air the top model at the moment, can have a view of the main and the distinctive features.

Light as Air

The nomenclature couldn’t have been more perfect. iPad Air is packed with incredible features but it is extremely light in weight. The form factor is such that despite offering a 9.7 inch display, the iPad weighs only 469 grams. It is hard to believe that you can have a device of 9.7 inches weighing so less. Not just lighter, the iPad is extremely thin and when you hold it ion your hands, you will be impressed with the way it fits.


If there is one thing that makes an iPad stand out from other tablets, it has to be the eclectic display. iPad Air seems to have revolutionized the display as the pictures come to life. You would be blown away with what the iPad Air has to offer. It offers a backlit multi touch display with IPS technology. It also has a fingerprint existent oleophobic coating. The resolution is 264 pixels per inch and the screen has a 2048 x 1536 resolution which is eclectic, amazing and bright.

Are the Features Worth the Price?

Perhaps, one point where people think twice about buying iPad has to be the price. If you are wondering about iPad Air price, it isn’t going to be the cheapest option that you have. There are various tablets that can be purchased for much reduced rates however; can they match the aura of an iPad?

Apple was never known to be the one who would price its product for less. They sell their stuffs at premium because they believe that it is their products that set them apart from the rest. If you are willing to spend a lot of money but you want to ensure that the quality is flawless and perfect, it is best to opt for iPad Air because there is no gadget in the market that can match the same aura and style which iPad Air will offer.

Different Models, Different Prices

There are different models of iPad Air and they come at varying prices. The price starts from $499. If you are buying the 32 GB version, the price will shoot to $599. If you are looking for even more storage space and you choose 64 GB, you have to pay an additional $100 as the cost is $699. For those who wish to buy the 128 GB model, the cost is $799. Sure, you can spot a few discount vouchers from time to time and this can aid in curtailing the iPad Air price to some extent.

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