The creation of laptops that are touch screen were once very impressive.

Even though we have touch screen cell phones, it still seems to amaze people that they are able to use the screen on their computer. What is even more fascinating is the invention of laptop that have rotatable screens. These are a lot less popular, as they are general low quality, or not what consumers are looking for. In most cases, when being compared to actual tablets, these laptops fall into last place. The main reason such creations have become popular is that they for easier mobility and functionality than the average desktop. An added plus to tablets is that they come equipped with a camera, microphone and a touch screen user interface. The touch screens then make a mouse and keyboard obsolete. As time moves on, more and more people seem to want to invest in a tablet over a computer.  This is extremely true for parents buying for young children or middle aged adults to the elderly.

Into Space

The Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 is the best model of the Note when comparing specifications. This version comes with a ChatON functionality that allows its users to connect socially in a larger scale. When two or more contacts are added each participant is able to send texts, pictures, videos and audio files. These files are then saved to their Trunks which is simply a holding place for all files.

New Interface

This version of the Galaxy Note also has been equipped with a customized version of the software TouchWiz UX which allows its users to more properly use its applications. These applications include Google Play, Gmail and YouTube. Additionally, a pen is provided, not only making navigation easier, but also adding more functionalities. When writing in the Air Command Menu under Action Memos, the system not only can recognize hand writing, but also understands commands – as the name suggests.

Quality Transformation

The Asus Transformer Pad Infinity TF700 is a much lesser quality tablet than the Samsung Galaxy Note. The three main components are recorded as being a lot lower, thus making it not worth the price. While the pixels for the screen resolution of the Asus Transformer are 1920 X 1200, the Note has 2560 x 1600. Additionally the processor for the Transformer is literally half the amount of megahertz than that of the Note. Likewise, the Samsung Note has two more gigabytes of RAM. In retrospect, the only reason it is logical for an individual to buy the Asus over the Samsung is due to the fact that it is a laptop with a rotatable screen, making it into a tablet. Then again, it is just as simple to buy a Bluetooth or USB keyboard for one’s tablet.

Overall, the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 is the best option for anyone looking to buy a tablet. Even though for some a really fast processor is not a big worry, it is not worth the money to buy the lesser product in this case.

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