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Temple Run 2 Free Game Download For Heart Pounding Stunts


If you have tried playing the Temple Run 1, then you sure know that it is a fun and adventurous game with lots of heart pounding actions.

What Makes Temple Run 2 Different from Other Endless Running Games?

Just think of the Temple Run 2 as the kind of game that is twice as adventurous as the first one. And that alone is enough to make you want to play this game.

Unlike other endless running games in the app market now, Temple Run 2 has stunning graphics and several amazing landscapes that will surely make you addicted to it. It has a unique gameplay with tons of power ups, allowing you to revive your character in case you don’t survive the obstacles along the way. Read on to find out more reasons why this game stands out.

More Fun and Adventure

Some of the most popular running games out there would only make use of swipe controls in running, jumping and turning. But with the Temple Run 2, you are not limited to doing right or left angle turns only. You could enjoy several other stunts in this new game, such as dips and rises, jogging left and right, and several other heart pounding stunts.

In fact, this second version of the game is much better than the original Temple Run. And unlike other adventure games, you also get to enjoy interesting visuals on this game, as well as interesting methods of transportation. For example, the explorer will have to speed down through some zip lines and then ride the mine cart which would require you to lean left and right while you travel as fast as you can on some underground rails.

Great Looking Visuals

One of the many reasons why a lot of gamers would choose Temple Run 2 out of all the various adventure games in the World Wide Web these days is because of its great looking visuals. The game is filled with so many vibrant colors which make it very appealing among the younger gamers. It also has a much more detailed environment and landscapes which greatly improve the overall appeal of the lost city on a sky setting. The landscape comprises of the stunning views of curved roads and hills and there are even waterfalls and other beautiful scenes. In fact, just looking at the game is already invigorating in itself.

Coins and Gems

Aside from the chasing gorilla and the challenging obstacles, the player will also need to collect coins and gems all throughout the game. At the start of the game, players could choose from four characters and these characters do not only differ on how they look but on the upgrades that they offer.

Gems can also be found all over the place. Just like the coins, these gems help the player to upgrade. They would help to revive the player in the event that he doesn’t make it through the obstacles and meets his unfortunate end. With these coins and gems that the player can collect, the explorer can continue where he left off instead of having to start all over again, which is what usually happens on other running games.