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The High Priced iPhone 5S Or The Cheaper iPhone 5C?


When Apple released iPhone 5S, the market started buzzing because it was the first time that Apple released two models simultaneously.

Apple not only released iPhone 5S, but in order to cater to the cheaper market in India and China, it also released iPhone 5C with nearly comparable features at reduced prices.

No doubt, there is a massive difference in price when you compare iPhone 5C and 5S. Those who were skeptical of the price of an iPhone 5S were exploring 5C and checking to see whether it was a better alternative. Innumerable people questioned this move made by Apple Inc. Was it really smart to launch two models at nearly the same time?

iPhone 5S Vs. 5C?

As far as the specifications and features are concerned, both iPhone 5S and 5C do offer you pretty decent output. Apple has never been known to compromise on quality and even with two models being launched simultaneously, it did take care to check that it was adhering to the main points and offered its users something good to be happy about.

However, it is needless to add that there were various comparisons that were done. Is iPhone 5C merely cheaper or are the specifications offered in this modal cheap too? While the 16 GB model of iPhone 5S could be purchased for $199, 5C comes for $99. Obviously, the price increases by a hundred dollars when you choose the 32 GB version. However, there is still a difference of a hundred dollars in the price of both the models!

What Was the Repercussion?

Those who are finicky about the price factor are likely to believe that owing to such a vast difference in price, 5S was deemed to have flopped miserably. However, contrary to popular opinion, it was 5C that flopped rather than 5S. iPhone 5S went on to become one of the leading models and had an extremely successful launch.

It is perhaps the blend of offering the best set of specifications, an extremely improved Apple A7 processor and refined camera and connectivity features that had people singing the praises of iPhone 5S. Sadly, the same cannot be said for iPhone 5C.

iPhone 5C failed to impress the audience and it was the first time that Apple seemed to have lowered the bar. The exterior finish of the phone was criticized badly because it lacked the style and finesse people associated with an Apple product. At the same time, the camera wasn’t hugely impressive either.

The Final Verdict

Based upon the sales numbers and the reviews, one can infer that despite iPhone 5S price being pretty high, it has still managed to put up a successful performance. It looks like the demand for quality is still high in the market. Apple was vehemently criticized for launching 5C. It isn’t extremely cheap and the phone doesn’t really click with the end users too.

The features and specifications weren’t so impressive and one can find better phones for $99 than choosing the cheaper version of iPhone 5. Apple had things to learn from this experiment of theirs. The fact that the iPhone 5S went on to sell very well was the saving grace for Apple.