The game is a favorite among millions of players around the globe and with TU14 fast approaching, Minecraft Xbox 360 players are excited than ever.

Even though, the update has received official confirmation that it will land in a couple of weeks, the developers Mojang and 4J studios refrained from releasing the list of additions, patches that one could expect. Earlier, eager players and the Minecraft community had a conversation with the developers on Twitter. They patiently answered all their questions including a confirmation that TU14 is indeed coming soon. Besides, the team shared the good news of an Xbox One release as well which comes as a sweet surprise for next gen console owners. The gameplay is expected to go big this time around because of the better configuration and processing power of the console. Most updates scheduled will be launched on both consoles so that gamers could experience it on any platform of their choice.


Every aspect of the game has a role to play in the overall success and gameplay experience that a player relishes. The new title update 14 for Minecraft Xbox 360 will see the introduction of potato, a food item which has multiple practical benefits. Players can choose to consume the item raw because it is edible, can plant and grow it in a farm or even cook it so that they can create baked potatoes. Finding them is a bit difficult though because they are dropped by zombies when you engage them but its a very rare occurrence. Potatoes require a farmland to grow but unlike carrots players have to directly plant them and they grow in eight different stages. New players will be able to identify the food item only in its final stage because the previous stages will appear more like a grass, than an actual potato.

Baked Potatoes

Minecraft Xbox 360 edition will also have baked potatoes which can be prepared by introducing a potato into fire with any type of fuel. If the fuel you choose is proper, you will be able to create a more edible and tasty food item. These food items including carrots and potatoes can often be found in NPC villages where farmers grow them. Players have the option to take them from these locations and plant in their own farmland. This will help keep essential resources within your circle for easy access and consumption.


Carrot is another popular food item in the Minecraft world which will see its debut in the Xbox 360 platform soon. The item can be planted and consumed based on your requirement. It has the capability to restore your hunger points and saturation. Another prominent advantage of using carrots is that they are useful to attract pigs and even breed them. Experienced players can go for complex combinations by using the carrot to craft a golden carrot which is useful to breed horses besides making night vision potions. Minecraft Xbox 360 version will also receive the carrot on a stick update.

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