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Viber has become the Coolest Free App to Download


Texting is nice, but there’s something about hearing someone’s voice that makes the bond or connection become stronger.

I guess because it’s harder to imagine reading the letters “LOL” than to actually hear someone laugh on the other line. While other people prefer texting over calling, a lot of people still turn to good old fashioned phone call to communicate with someone. However, the good old fashioned phone call is not the latest fashion anymore. There’s no more need to stay in line for your turn in the phone booth, no more reason to wait for your sister to put down the phone at home so you can call your friend, and no more reason to pay for huge amounts just to keep in touch.

Viber allows you to enjoy texting and calling like never before. For the best thing about Viber is that it is for free. It is easy to download and use, as long as you have a device that supports it and a 3G or WiFi. This free app is easy to navigate and it doesn’t need a detailed tutorial to learn how to use. It is an app where you, your family, and your friends can enjoy, granted that all of you have the app installed in your devices.

Some Messages are delayed

If you’re looking for a better way to place calls to someone, there’s no easy way to do it other than Viber. As long as you have good internet connection, the quality of the call is going to be good. The only downside that I experience very often in Viber is that sometimes messages are delayed, and since the reason why I downloaded Viber in the first place is to have INSTANT communication with friends, I find it disappointing and inconvenient. However, it’s not a regular occurrence so I can just let it pass. This is where their voice calls come useful. Viber is one of the few messaging apps that have the voice call feature, which I personally overuse every day. It’s free, after all, so there’s nothing that’s going to stop me calling everyone.

Officially Launched Viber Out

Texting and calling someone for free is very convenient, but what about the people who have no means of communicating with the use of a 3G or WiFi? What about the people who don’t have a phone or any device that can support messaging apps? Viber has made a solution for this by launching their new feature called Viber Out. It allows Viber users to call people outside the app with a low rate for mobile to landline call. Now you can feel connected even with people who don’t have the fiber app on their device as long as they have a landline. You can see the new feature and buy Viber Out credits in the “More” tab found on the lower right of the app. With this recent feature, it seems that Viber is becoming the next go-to free voice calls and instant messaging app today.