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WhatsApp – The Most Common Messaging App to Download


Ever since I was able to download WhatsApp, I have taken texting to a new level.

Earlier, I had to pay for texting someone who lives abroad, but now with this free app, there’s no need to pay for anything. It’s so easy to communicate with someone these days, with messenger apps all over the place. However, with so many of them and the number continuing to rise, it’s becoming harder to decide which one to download. Even though most of them are free, one cannot deny that WhatsApp will remain on top of the others because a lot of people still prefer simplicity over fancy apps.

WhatsApp may be the simplest cross-platform mobile messaging app and this is why it has patronized its 430 million users. Some people are just happy that they can download a free app that allows them to send messages back and forth with, and although it requires an internet connection to use this app, it’s still one of the best tools to form a connection with someone. With so many apps available, WhatsApp is just content that they’re able to provide a service with no gimmicks.

Year-long Trial

If you want your messaging app with games, you will have to find another one to download. The creators of WhatsApp are adamant in saying that they are not planning to incorporate games and advertising in their app. The app used to be paid but that has changed now. It is now free to download but has a yearly subscription of $0.99. That’s definitely not a lot for something that continues to provide you with the best.

The company is focused on giving the users the best instant messaging service. It may lack free calls and voice messages, but WhatsApp has other features that will make your instant messaging more memorable. You may also send photos and videos through WhatsApp. And you can send the same message to different people by creating your own group chat. This is perfect for a group of friends who like keeping in touch with one another despite the distance.

Ability to See Someone’s Last Login Time

Perhaps one feature of WhatsApp that has been a subject of debate for some people is the ability to see when someone has last logged in. Some love this feature, while some hate it. Personally, I take it as an advantage to see a friend’s last log in. It really depends on the person and the situation. I can understand why it’s inconvenient for someone if he’s trying to avoid somebody, and on the other hand, it’s very convenient for someone to know if his message is getting through, or if the person is just choosing to ignore the message. It could also be very inconvenient when you’re at work and your boss saw your status as online, especially if your work has a strict no texting policy. As for me, I find it convenient to know if someone’s online before I send an important message, so I’d know if I’ll be getting an answer right away or not.