When Chromecast was launched, the entire market started buzzing with a lot of excitement and the main reason was the price.

Chromecast was priced for merely $35 and this was definitely the talk of the town. While there are other leading competitors in the market namely Apple TV and even Roku, none of them can be purchased at such a reduced rate. Some people believe that the strategy of price erosion used by Chromecast gave a big blow to the other competitors.

Is Chromecast A Good Option?

If you are looking to opt for Google Chromecast, you need to be aware of the main features that it has to offer.

Huge App Support

When you are choosing a streaming device, you want to make sure that it supports ample apps or else what use will it serve in the end. When Chromecast was first launched, it had only four apps that were supported. However, with time, various changes were incorporated and now you can find huge app support.

You can find apps like YouTube, Google play, Netflix, HBO, HULU, plex, Pandora and so on. Having so many different options at hand, means that you are never going to run out of options and you can easily check out the music you want to hear or the movies you want to watch.

Mirror Contents

Perhaps, one of the best features offered by Chromecast has to be the fact that it helps you mirror content right from the browser. You can synchronize the file right from your Google chrome browser and you will be able to stream the files and watch them on the go. This is an extremely important feature and owing to the presence of mirroring contents, people have been really enthusiastic using this digital streaming device.

Play All Your Local Files

If you are looking to play your local media, there is no better way than using Chromecast. It offers an extremely useful interface and you will be able to take all your contents in the library with you. You do not have to fuss about the different details as you can play music and watch movies that are in your library whenever you want to.

The Ease of Use

Google Chromecast is one of those devices that are known for offering an extremely efficient interface. Even if you are not the smartest geek in town, you are not likely to face any problem in operating the device. As far as the ease of use is concerned, the device has been excellently designed.

The initial installation and the subsequent use are extremely easy. If you are looking for a budget device that offers you the finest digital streaming services, Google Chromecast definitely has the best choice for you. The picture clarity is pretty good and it is one of the most affordable ways of enjoying a good and healthy time surfing over the different channels. There haven’t been a lot of complaints and the product is pretty decent for use because the features are impressive.

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