For players who are eagerly anticipating the launch of the game on a next gen console, 4J studios released a teaser image this month.

The image showed Minecraft PS4 edition running in full glory with its latest updates and some interesting things to watch out for. In the screenshot, no one missed the most evident of them all, the carpets. It was bright red and adorned the castle built by the game development team. Players love such additions because carpet helps them cover the ceiling of the first floor and can also be used as an ornamental addition to cover wooden blocks from being visible. Apart from this, there are multiple new additions expected for the PS4 edition which will be the PC equivalent of the 1.3.1 update. Here are the top three features that you should look out for when the game is launched on the next generation console.

Iron Anvil

The iron anvil is an important tool in the game which can be used for multiple purposes. The anvil is a block which is often used by players to repair items and it can also be used to rename other items. There are more advanced players in the game who prefer using the tool to combine enchantments that will make them powerful and nearly invincible to their enemies. As the item is extremely versatile and is allowed in the game to accomplish a variety of achievements, it is evident that using the anvil is purely based on individual creativity. Players require ample experience in the game to know how to efficiently manage the XP cost system when using the anvil. It will constantly vary based on the position of the block and the number of times it is used to repair another item. It has two modes of repair that can be used alternatively as required.

Nether Quartz

The nether quartz is not so easy to obtain in the game and it is an exclusive item. It can be found only by mining nether quartz core which PC players have been doing for some time now. When Minecraft PS4 edition is launched, it will come bundled with the title update 14 and will have nether quartz as part of its game-play element. The item can also be generated using a nether reactor but it is available only with the pocket edition. The developers haven’t officially revealed whether this reactor will be added to the Playstation 4 version or not.

Quartz Stairs

These are simple yet quite useful additions in the game. Stairs are mandatory when it comes to building multiple floors, because they are the ones that allow players to increase elevation without having to jump. These stairs are naturally found in NPC villages while players can build them in their own structures. Quartz stairs will be a new variant of the stairs which will be available with the Minecraft PS4 version. They are useful to travel up faster, can be placed anywhere in the map as per individual requirement and will allow players to increase the elevation of their buildings.

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