The exciting and most adventurous part of Minecraft Xbox 360 edition is the freedom that the game offers.

Players will be able to keep roaming because the world never ends and there are plenty of buildings along the path to explore. When you come across temples that are found in different terrains, you can be certain that they will definitely offer something exciting, maybe some precious booty. Before being able to open the loot and get emeralds, gold or something useful, it is mandatory that you solve the puzzles associated with them.

If the puzzle given is not solved properly, it will lock you out of the loot room and sometimes even flaming arrows will be launched to kill the person who’s trying to open them. This is the type of adventure that players have been looking forward to and the desert temples will exactly deliver it to you.

Explore the Pyramids

In Minecraft Xbox 360 edition, these places are referred to as a Desert Temple but they resemble a lot to the ancient pyramids found in Egypt. Besides, the concepts of puzzles that lead to a trap or loot were also inspired by the original pyramids. With the title update 14, players on the platform will come across these buildings which are naturally formed in select regions. They are made using sandstone and are often found in ground level. Players should always have a keen eye to spot them because desert storms and sand dunes may hide them. There are many desert temples hidden within the sands and one can explore and unearth them all. All of these structures will have a hidden chamber with booby traps in them. If the player accidentally steps on the pressure plates associated underneath them, the nine blocks of TNT used will blow up.

Solving Puzzles

The first step is to know how a desert temple will look in Minecraft Xbox 360 edition. Only when you find them, will you be able to enter and solve the puzzles found within these historic structures. They are constructed using smooth and chiseled variants of sandstone that gives them a posh appearance. Other materials used in developing these buildings include sandstone slabs, orange wool, blue wool and stairs made of sandstone. All these temples will have a block of blue wool found in the centre that will have booby traps enclosed below. If the player successfully manages to solve the puzzle, the trap will open and reveal four chests with valuable loot.

The stone pressure plate will be found directly below the blue wool so that players may accidentally step on it and get killed. Knowing this in advance will help you to avoid such disasters and once you make your way in, the loots will handsomely reward your efforts. The variety of items found inside could be anything including diamonds, emeralds, iron or gold ingots, enchanted books, bones, horse saddles, horse armor and much more. The loot will be generated randomly and the lucky individual will get hold of the items they need to survive in this adventure survival game.

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