Are you looking for a digital streaming player that can help you enjoy some of your favorite music and movies?

Roku 3 seems to be one of the best choices for people at the moment because it comes packed with some of the most impressive features and specifications.

The Top Features Offered By Roku 3

Before buying Roku 3, you need to know what you can get when you are investing your money. Roku 3 is known to offer some of the best features. However, there is definitely some scope for improvement. Roku is often compared with the other competitors that offer nearly similar features. Roku 3 is often compared with Google Chromecast because Chromecast has nearly the same features and the price is as low as $35. Another better alternative is Apple TV that is known to offer the best quality of streaming. Roku offers you the best of both worlds and here are the top features that make it one of the best streaming devices.

Unlimited App Support

Roku 3 offers you unlimited app support. If you are one of those who loves to have ample options at hand, Roku 3 is going to give you some of the finest choices. From Netflix to hulu, Amazon and YouTube and more, you can have all of it without any additional hassles. Roku 3 has been designed with flawless perfection and you can enjoy some of the best output.

The Ease of Use

When you are using a media player, you are sure to analyze the ease of use and the type of interface it offers. Some people are not comfortable with the interface, if it is a tad too complex. When you are using Roku 3, you will not face such issues because the interface is crisp, clear and extremely proficient. The overall design is extremely stylish, funky and in tandem with the need of the current generation. The processor is fast and the remote control comes with a 3.5 mm headphone jack integrated into it. This is best for those who do not want to buy an additional headphone. When you are navigating menus in Roku, you can do it with the flick of the fingers. You can move from one TV channel to another very quickly.

The Possible Places for Improvement

While Roku 3 comes loaded with pretty good specifications, there is definitely huge scope for improvement. The ear buds that are offered do not give you the best audio quality and if you really wish to enjoy the finest music output, you need to buy an additional headphone.

Further, if you want to use the plex app, you need to start an installation process and this may need some effort and considerable time too.

Roku 3 seems to be packed with the finest hardware and if you want a good media player, you can always opt to buy Roku 3. It is extremely popular in the market and the reviews for Roku 3 are impressive. If you buy Roku 3, you are likely to enjoy watching your favorite media.

Technology Roku 3 – The Honest Performance Assessment