Just two days ago, developers 4J Studios came back to Twitter and they brought a whole lot of good news to the gamers.

It all started when an ardent gamer posted on their account asking more about the title update 14 and whether it is going good so far. The dedicated development team took time from their busy schedule of building the game for different platforms and answered the community promptly. They confirmed that TU14 is indeed going great without any issues and will soon be launched on the consoles as promised. It has been nearly ten days since their last Twitter conversation and players can assume that when a single studio is developing a game for more than four platforms at the same time, they will most probably be the busiest team on the planet. The new update comes as a relief for those who were eagerly anticipating the release of exciting features for the game.

Upcoming Screenshots

The 4J studios team also confirmed that they would be releasing a new batch of screenshots before the end of this week. The images will be of significance because they will show the revised creative interface that they have built for the Minecraft Xbox 360 version. It will also be the first look teaser of the Trading system that has been confirmed for the console and Anvil interface. From what they have confirmed on the social networking platform, it is now official that the TU14 is indeed an equivalent of the 1.3.1 update found on PC. A dedicated iron anvil interface shows that there will more uses for this tool with features packed to the brim than just fixing and repairing items. The creative interface is anticipated as well. There are plenty of features to look forward to when the title update is officially released.

Trading System

This is going to be one of the best additions to Minecraft Xbox 360 version because players will now be able to trade items with NPC villagers. Compared to the previous title updates, the upcoming TU14 received huge attention because it is about to add some major features to the game and it will be the answer for all the bugs that have been bothering the game-play experience. The update is also bringing a whole new mode named the adventure mode that will allow players to experience the creative constructions made by other players. ‘Emeralds’ is another new item which can now be traded with villagers or if they have an emerald, you can get it by trading it for an item they need.

Other PC related features that gamers can look forward to will be the list of new food items including pumpkin pies, potatoes, baked potatoes and carrot on a stick. While the first three are available for consumption, carrot on a stick is an updated related to a food item but it is rather used to lure pigs in a direction you desire. Players can saddle pigs and make them walk towards a village or a temple by using the carrot on a stick.

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