The game was officially released only months ago on this platform. However, Minecraft PS3 edition has been receiving strong attention ever since its launch.

It is mainly because it took a long time for players to experience the game on their favorite console. When it finally came out, there were plenty of bugs and glitches that needed a fix. The developing team 4J Studios has assured players that they would never leave anyone in the lurch and are actually working hard to release the title update 14 at the earliest. The news was made official in their Twitter conversation and the team continues to be in touch with the players. The updates that they revealed were actually mutual for both consoles and confirmed that the TU14 is going great. It was the reply to an eager fan who wanted to know how well things are coming out and whether they can expect the update to get launched at the earliest.

Upcoming Screenshots

If you love Minecraft PS3 edition, then all you have to do is just keep your fingers crossed and wait for a few days. The developers during their Twitter feedback this week revealed that they are gearing up to release some teaser images of the upcoming updates. Instead of making fans wait, they also confirmed that the screenshots would reveal something that everyone has been anticipating for a long time now. The images will reveal the anvil interface, creative interface and trading interface. All the three updates will play a crucial role in enriching the game play aspect and will bring in new features to the player community. The trading interface is significant which will allow players to trade items or things they have looted, hunted, or found during their long trips with NPC villagers for emeralds. The precious stone is helpful in crafting new items and can be exchanged for something you have, which the villagers might need.

Gameplay Elements

The Minecraft PS3 edition will have new game play elements to check out including the adventure mode. The mode provides players a chance to check out other impressive creations made by fellow players. It also nearly eradicates the chances of someone destroying buildings and structures created by other players by limiting their functionality. Unlike other game modes including survival or creative, the adventure mode will not allow you to break buildings or chop down trees without a tool.

The right type of tool to do the task should be in the player’s possession in order to complete his or her goal and this strongly saves the game environment from being randomly altered by everyone. Moreover, the upcoming update for the title will bring temples to explore which will have four different chests to loot. Make sure to know how to solve the puzzles so that you can safely escape any tripwire hooks or booby traps found in these ancient buildings. The loot offered can vary from anything ranging from horse armor, gold to even carrots at times. They are randomly generated and they can provide multiple resources for the lucky ones.

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