In their latest Twitter update, developers 4J Studios, who are busy building the game for console platforms, revealed that there would be plenty of new things to look out for.

The game will be more refined and highly playable when it lands on the next gen console. Compared to Xbox 360, the upcoming Minecraft Xbox One version will launch directly with all the updates, new items, food items, and structures. Based on what they officially revealed in their twitter conversation, players were assured that TU14 is indeed in development for the older consoles while it will be part of the package for the next gen console. Moreover, the team will soon release teaser images of various interfaces that will adorn the game’s screen in upcoming weeks. It all started when an ardent gamer questioned them about the upcoming updates and the release date of the game on the newer consoles.

Creative Interface

Minecraft Xbox One version will have all basic modes including survival, classic, creative and the upcoming adventure mode. The game is expected to be fully polished because the developers have already promised that the creative mode will have an all-new interface. So far, players haven’t seen how the interface looks. 4J studios will finally unwrap their creative interface before the end of this week with a bunch of screenshots as they promised in their twitter update. The company also revealed that they are busy developing the title update 14 for Xbox 360 console. As expected, the TU14 will be an equivalent of the last PC update and will be integrated into the Xbox One version of the game. Once they release the images of the creative interface this week, players will have a clear idea of how intuitive it will be and the new features that the developers are planning to integrate into it.

Trading Interface

The concept of trading is new for console gamers even though it has already been released on the PC version. However, it will be a default addition to Minecraft Xbox One edition and players will be able to make use of it effectively. They can visit multiple NPC villages where villagers will have new items to trade including the upcoming emeralds. If a player has an item that the villagers want, they can make a trade using the interface and get what they want. Those villagers who have a new item ready will be highlighted using a glowing blue icon on top of their icon. It makes it easy to spot them when they are in their villages amidst other NPC characters.

Anvil Interface

Iron Anvil was already teased in the Xbox One screenshots revealed by 4J studios. The interface where players will be able to craft items, repair them and merge enchantments will be revealed in more screenshots scheduled to be released this week. It is expected to be gamer-friendly and will play an integral role in helping players achieve their goals much easier. It’s just a short wait before the team releases these images to the public.

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