The process of rooting an Android phone like the Samsung Galaxy S Duos 2 can be intimidating to owners who are new to the process.

Rooting basically involves allowing apps to have root access that permits the apps entry to Linux, the operating system that Android smartphones are based on. Not all apps come with root access, which is why some users feel the need to root their Android smartphones in order to gleam more functionality out of their phones.

Is Rooting for You?

Android runs on top of Linux, making it operate very much the same. Everything in a Linux system is treated like a file. Many files do not require elevated permission to change or access.

However, changing the core software of the device requires root control. Rooting gives users access to software that would otherwise be unusable. Unlike other smartphone operating systems, Android allows the use of apps that haven’t been approved by the manufacturer to a certain extent. Android also allows customization that completely changes the feel of the device. However, for the things that normally wouldn’t be allowed, rooting is an option. The choice to root is not to be made flippantly as it is somewhat akin to jail-breaking a phone.

Rooting can be risky as the possibility exists to accidentally make the phone unusable. In many occurrences, a bricked or broken phone can be recovered, however this is not always the case. Rooting automatically voids the warranty of the device, so careful considerations have to be made. It is up to the user to decide if the instructions they find for rooting are accurate and trustworthy. The user must also decide if they feel capable of taking on rooting on their own.

Rooting the Samsung Galaxy S Duos 2

Users should take extra care to back up all important data before attempting to root their Android smartphones. To root the Samsung Galaxy S Duos 2, the user must first download and install the Samsung USB Driver on their computer. On the Samsung Galaxy S Duos 2 smartphone, open Settings and go to Developer Options. From there, tick the box next to USB Debugging, which will allow debug mode when a USB is connected. Please note that the Developers Options menu is hidden starting with Android v4.2.2. To show the option, open Settings and go to the About Phone menu. There, tap the Build Number until it changes to a version lower than 4.2.2.

Next, the user must download and install an application called a rooting kit on their computer. It is up to the user to decide if the rooting kit they use for this process is trustworthy.

Follow the instructions of the individual rooting program. Usually the phone will be connected to the computer and the rooting program will detect the phone and give the user the option to root the phone. The phone will reboot after this process is completed. If no problems arise, the phone should be rooted. To verify if the phone has been properly rooted, open the Applications Menu and a new application called superuser should be available. There are also applications that check if a phone is rooted or not.

Ultimately the choice to root is up to the user, but this method should work should you choose to do this for yourself. Rooting kit programs are plentiful online, so use discretion when choosing one, and make sure it is compatible with your Samsung Galaxy S Duos 2 smartphone.

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