Let’s face it – the Samsung Galaxy S Duos is begging for modification.

With a subpar set of features and a lot left to be desired with the interface, this phone is a hacker’s dream. Once you have gained root access and installed Clockworkmod Recovery, then you are ready to install a custom ROM for you device to improve things like battery life, interface, performance, and more. If you are looking for a great custom ROM that will meet your needs, here’s a list of a few that we like best.

Warning: Rooting your device can and will void your manufacturer’s warranty, so it should be done with caution and at your own risk. Be sure that you know exactly what you are doing and that you are risking a soft or hard brick of your phone by doing so.

Kyle Open Custom ROM for the Samsung Galaxy S Duos

In addition to removing the usual Samsung bloatware, Kyle Open is deodexed and ziplaligned, with Busybox and Init.d support. Additional extras are Adobe Flash capability, features from Cyanogenmod, and the fact that this ROM is pre-rooted.

HyperX Custom ROM for the Samsung Galaxy S Duos

Built on stock ROM, HyperX is designed to make your Galaxy S Duos run more smoothly and efficiently. It is very smooth and stable, while adding custom design features to make your phone all your own. Tweaks include smoothness, build props, power saving mode, bloatware removal, Busybox support, overclocked kernel, Google Now, and Jelly Bean dropdown.

PMP Ultra Custom ROM for the Samsung Galaxy S Duos

If you like the look of XperiaZ, the you will appreciate what PMP Ultra has to offer. Most of the changes here are superficial, designed to make your Galaxy S Duos look more like the more attractive Sony device. The theme is clean and simple, with extras like Sony’s Walkman app. Slight performance enhancements are also included. Maps, Links2sd, YouTube, and Talk have all been updated.

PMP Light Custom ROM for the Samsung Galaxy S Duos

PMP Light is another custom ROM that will change the look and feel of your device. I’m not sure how I feel about the somewhat cheesy font, but this ROM does run quite smoothly.

Pickings are fairly slim in the ROM department for the Samsung Galaxy S Duos, probably due to the fact that it’s a terrible phone and not too many people thought it worth the extra effort, including Samsung, who did almost zero development for the device. If this is your go to phone, however, these ROMs are most definitely worth a try – anything to improve the abysmal performance of Galaxy S Duos. It is my personal opinion that the best way to improve this phone is to throw it in the trash and get something better – it’s next to impossible to get something worse. If you can afford to do so, trade this dinosaur in for the much zippier, cleaner, and all around better Samsung Galaxy Grand 2.

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