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Subway Surfers – Download and Reach Highest Level in the Game with Upgrades


Subway Surfers is a simple game as there are no rules for you to remember.

All you need to do is collect coins, overcome different hurdles and save yourself from the policeman and his dog that is chasing you. You may pass initial levels easily but as the game progresses to higher levels, you may find it tougher to go to next level. The information given in this article will give you much needed information to succeed at higher levels of the game.

Picking up upgrades

Upgrades in Subways Surfers game generally refers to selecting powerups that will improve your score and help you move to the next level in an easier manner. Some of the useful powerups you need to look for are:

Coin Magnet

As the name suggests, this powerup will collect all coins while you continue with your run. Coin Magnet collects all coins even if they are not in the character’s path. When activated, the character grabs every coin he/she comes across while running. It looks like a horseshoe magnet and is one of the useful powerup in the game that lets you collect coins in a faster way.


It is one of the powerups that gives a character the ability to fly and thus avoid majority of the obstacles on the ground. With this powerup, the character becomes invincible to almost everything. The price of a Jetpack depends on the time duration you want to use it. There are several advantages and disadvantages of this powerup. When you are using Jetpack, you won’t be able to collect important things lying on the ground such as a key. With Jetpack activated, you can only fly and not jump or duck any obstacle. Using Jetpack with Coin Magnet is a good strategy. The coin magnet will collect all coins in the air and few coins from the ground before you reach the sky while using the Jetpack.

Super Sneakers

Super Sneakers is a good powerup that gives the character ability to overcome obstacles with relative ease. When you activate this powerup, the character starts bouncing with every step he takes. When the character is wearing super sneakers, he can jump on rooftops of trains easily and no longer requires sliding down to cross high obstacles. Super Sneakers gives the character the ability to jump over the highest obstacle such as the tallest barriers.

2X Mulipliers

2X multiplier is one of the best powerup available in the game to boost your scores. When you pickup this powerup in the game, your score gets doubled everytime. For example if you pick up 10X, your score will increase by 20X. This powerup works well with Daredevil board. This is one of the powerup in the game that the character will not hold or wear. It exists while you play the game and it works to increase or say double your scores.

Powerups can be picked up during gaming or you can purchase it from the store by giving the coins you have collected. They are extremely useful when you move to higher levels, as overcoming or crossing obstacles does not remain that easy at higher levels of the game.