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Viber – Download It to Call for Free


Looking for ways to cut your phone bills? Download and install Viber, a free application that lets you call and send messages for free.

Viber is one of the more popular applications in the market that takes advantage of VoIP technology to enable the user to call other Viber users located in any part of the world for free. The popularity of the application encourages developers to upgrade and introduce new features in Viber on a regular basis. Sending messages has become more attractive and fun for Viber users. They can now use emoticons and stickers to express what they feel. There are several reasons that makes Viber a must have application for you.

Transfer Your Call

Viber is available for almost all platforms. This characteristic gives you freedom to use Viber on any device for convenient communication. The app has an in-built feature where you can switch between devices to make or receive calls. The only requirement is that the devices to which you transfer the call should have Viber installed. The process of transferring the call to other devices is quite easy. You need to locate an icon with device and arrow button on the user interface and select it to transfer the call.

No Annoying Ads

Majority of the free applications carry free ads. These free ads can be annoying as they are flashy and distract you. Besides, they also hog some part of your Smartphone screen that causes inconvenience to many. Viber users do not have to face problems related to Ads, as Viber is an Ad free application.

Location Sharing

The location-sharing feature enables the user to disclose his/her location to other Viber users. When the feature is turned on, every time the user sends message Viber also sends information about the user location along with the message. The application uses combination of Wi-Fi positioning and GPS technology to get exact information about user’s location. If the user is indoors, the application only uses Wi-Fi positioning to get information about user’s location. The feature can be turned off if the user does not want to share information about his/her location.

Grouping Conversations

Grouping conversations can be extremely useful if you want communicate with more than one person at a time using Viber. Viber allows you to include around 100 people in a group conversation. There is no admin for group conversation and anyone who is a member of the group can add new members to the group. Members can leave a group or rejoin a group as per their wish.

No Registration Hassles

To use Viber on your Smartphone, you do not have to go through lengthy registration process where you are required to key in different information. If you want to use Viber, you just need to download and install and you can use it right away.

Free Calls Anywhere in the world

With Viber installed on your Smartphone, you can call anyone in world provided he is also a Viber user. The application can cut down your phone bills significantly. You can also use Viber to call landlines at a very low rate.