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WhatsApp – The Best Messenger Is Also Free To Download


I have always hated to pay for messages and finally I have an application that lets me send messages for free.

Welcome to the world of WhatsApp. You will find very few Smartphone users not knowing WhatsApp. The application has gained tremendous popularity and is on the way to becoming the most popular app in the messaging category. Many people wonder about the features that made WhatsApp so popular. Let’s look at some of the best features of WhatsApp.

Tapping Directly Into Your Phonebook

Unlike other applications, where you are required to provide information and register yourself, WhatsApp follows a simple registration process where you need to only verify your phone number and the application does everything like searching for friends who are already using WhatsApp. WhatsApp developers devised a new idea to directly tap into user’s phonebook which comes as a convenience to the user.

Message Delivery Notification

When you send messages through WhatsApp you know whether the receiver has received the message on his device. You are notified about the message delivery by display of two checkmarks right below the sent message.

Complete Conversation on One Screen

Unlike conventional messaging where you have to click on messages to read the content, WhatsApp conversation are always in front of your eyes. When you select any WhatsApp contact on your Smartphone, you can see all messages received and sent by you and the other person during that conversation. Alternatively, you can also view all conversations between you or any WhatsApp contact on your phone by just clicking on the contact in WhatsApp list. With so many contacts in my WhatsApp list, I have never faced problem in continuing the conversation after a brief delay.

Send Videos and Pictures

WhatsApp allows you to send videos and pictures. If you have a limited data plan, you always have the option to selectively download the pictures and videos you want. The images and videos sent or received by you remain part of the conversation and will always be available for download at later time. WhatsApp has simplified the way we share images and videos. The images and videos you download are stored in a separate directory and you can easily access the content as per your convenience.

Voice Messaging

While many users may complain WhatsApp does not support voice and video calls, developers have tried to pacify users by introducing voice-messaging feature in WhatsApp. Voice messages can enrich your chat experience by giving it a personal touch. You can send voice messages to individual WhatsApp contact or group of people. Voice messages are automatically downloaded to the device and you can be sure the person receiving will hear what you have to say.

Free Trial of One Year

While many applications have trial period of 3-6 months, WhatsApp developers have been liberal and kind in offering a trial period of one full year. If you are a new user, you should be happy to know the application is available to try for free for one year. One thing I like about WhatsApp is that the developers do not disable any functionality of the application during the trial period.