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Minecraft Xbox 360 – 4J Studios Releases Interface Updates


Just a week ago, the developers of the console version of the game 4J Studios promised that they would soon release some exciting screenshots of the upcoming interfaces.

The conversation was triggered by an ardent game fan who couldn’t wait for Minecraft Xbox 360 TU14 update and wanted to know how well it is shaping up. The team confirmed that they are indeed busy working on this much anticipated update for the consoles and the work is going fine so far. It is definitely good news for those who want to make sure that there are no delays in the release of this new patch which will bring a game mode, items, food stuff and different structures to explore. Besides answering their question, the studio also revealed that they will be launching a set of teaser images revealing some important interfaces.

Four Player Split Screenshots

Gaming with friends have always been an exciting affair because everyone will be able to compete with each other at the same time. The Minecraft Xbox 360 version offers multiplayer version of the game and also a local split screen option. This is noteworthy for those who love to play with a group of friends without leaving the comfort of their couch. The feature makes it easier to share the game on the same screen and play even when there is no internet connection available. All the interfaces used for trading, anvil and building blocks were revealed in the screenshots. To make things easier, the developers also used the four-player split screen to show these interfaces in different views and confirm players that each one of them can access them while playing.

Trading and Anvil Interface

The teaser images released recently confirmed that 4J Studios are working hard to make sure Minecraft Xbox 360 version is on par with the PC version. The title update 14 they have been working on is now officially confirmed to be an equivalent of the 1.3.1 which has already been launched on the PC platform. The screenshots were very vivid and explained a lot of questions for gamers. The Iron Anvil interface revealed that players will now be able to create or combine enchantments using different items. It also had inventory boxes which revealed the list of items a player is carrying at the particular time. The same can be said for the detailed trading interface which is designed to let players get emeralds from villagers in exchange for something they need.

Trading interface is primarily focused on satisfying the needs of NPC villagers. They can be found in different villages and those who are interested in trade will be notified with a glowing blue icon. You can approach the villager directly and exchange items. The interface images released confirmed that trading is only possible when you have the required items to successfully complete the trade. It is shown as required items for trade and shows two blocks. Players should possess either one or two items that the NPC villager requests before being able to get an emerald from him.