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Download Candy Crush Saga and Get Free Lives from Your Friend to Play Longer


If you have played Candy Crush Saga then there are chances that you must have got addicted to it.

Newbie’s start the game with great enthusiasm but as they move to higher levels, they find it difficult to progress in the game. Success does not come easy and you need to know some tricks to move to higher levels in the game. Jelly Levels are somewhat hard to cross but with the right moves, you can easily clear them without purchasing boosters.

Jelly Levels

New gamers find it very hard to cross Jelly Level which starts from Level 6. Initially, you may cross few Jelly levels with relative ease but as you move to higher levels, you will fall short of moves to get the required scores to move to the next level. Jelly Levels are common in Candy Crush Saga accounting for 7-8 levels in each episode. Some of the hardest Jelly Levels to cross are 70, 125, 109, 167 and many more. Sometime simple Jelly Levels can also become tough to crack.

The Game plan

The objective of the player in Jelly Level is to remove all Jellies on the board. The difficulty in the task is that the player has to do it in limited number of moves. The Jelly is removed from the board when you make the candy on it disappear. This is done by matching three similar candies. From Level 18 onwards, the player needs to hit Jelly twice in order to remove it from board. You can easily identify Jellies on the board as they are translucent in appearance. You can easily cross the Jelly Levels if you know the right moves. Let’s start with Level 6 which is the first Jelly Level in the game.

In order to clear this level, you need to score a minimum 19,000 points. You need to make this in maximum 16 moves. Once you achieve this feat, Sugar Crush is unleashed which releases Jelly fish to help you score faster by eating candies. Level with double jellies can be tougher to pass. Level 18 is the first level where you will come across double jellies. In level 18, you need to score 40,000 points in maximum 16 moves. With right moves, you can easily remove 20 Jelly squares in this level. Thus, there are different strategies to clear every Jelly level in the game. You will know the right moves after playing the same game level for several times. Some people spend weeks to clear a Jelly level. It is advised that you should know the maximum number of moves and the score you need to achieve at each Jelly level which will cause the Sugar Crush to activate boosters that increase your score significantly and takes you to the next level.

Get Lives

If you use all lives available to clear level in Candy Crush Saga, you have to wait for 30 minutes to play the game again. However, the good news is that your friends who also play Candy Crush Saga can send you lives and help you play the game for bit longer. The procedure of sending lives is easy just ask you friend to send you lives when he/she plays the game next time.