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Instagram PC – Using Instagram on Android or iOS Devices vs. PC


A lot of people want to know how to run Instagram on their PC.

Instagram is one of the hottest apps right now with 150 million active users. For people who don’t have the devices that support Instagram, such as Android and iOS devices, their computers are their only way. Thankfully, there are a couple of methods that allow everyone to use Instagram on their desktop. There are software to use, and Instagram’s official website. Using Instagram on smartphones and tablets, of course, give a better experience than the PC version, but it does have its own benefits. What are the differences between using the app on PC and using it on a supported device? And which one is better to use?

Using Instagram App on Smartphones and Tablets

One of the best features of Instagram is the popular page. When your photo gets massive likes, a notification will be sent to you that your photo made it to the page. Some Instagram users tend to visit the page to see the popular photos. Most of them are photos from celebrities but the others are beautiful and creative shots by different users. Instagram is also now available for video sharing, although the video only needs to be a maximum of 15 seconds. We’re not sure if this feature is available on Instagram for PC, even if it is, it will be hard to shoot a good video while holding a computer. One of the best things about smartphones and tablets is that you can easily take photos, edit it if you want, and share it on Instagram. Saw a nice flower? It’s easy to just bring out your phone, snap a photo, and share. There are also a lot of photo applications that you can download on your device which you can use to create frames for multiple photos, and edit your photos. The choices to make your photos more interesting and creative are just endless with both paid and free Instagram apps.

Using Instagram on PC

When you have photos saved on your hard drive that you want to share on Instagram, it’s a bit of work to send them to your device. It’s either you’ll email the photos to your own address and open them on your device, or you’ll have to use file sharing services such as Dropbox to send the photos, whereas if you have Instagram on your PC, you don’t have to do either of the two. Simply open the application and share the photo from your hard drive.


Instagram was made for iOS and Android devices. Hence, most of its features work well on these devices. Even though there are a few methods that will allow you to use Instagram on PC, not all of them are well polished. Downloading Instagram on supported devices is still a better choice because there are no technical issues, besides the photo applications alone are the main reasons why using Instagram on smartphones and tablets is better. Using Instagram on PC may work for some people, but if you can afford to buy an Android or iOS device, we recommend you to download Instagram on your device to get the full experience of the app.