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Mextures: Free Download for Fun Textures


Mextures is a free download that is available through the iTunes store for your pleasure.

Today, having a great application to help you with the photographs you take through your phone is important. A good program out there is Mextures and with a program like this you will be able to take advantage of different aspects and such that are out there. You need to look into Mextures, see how it works, and use this as a great free program available for you to texture and do others with your application directly on your phone. A good phone application for photos will go a long ways to improving what you post online.

Why We Need Mextures?

One thing that we notice today is that most of the photos we take come from our cell phones is we use them. These are the photos we send our family members, the photos that we make Christmas cards with, and even photos that we use for slideshows and such. For this reason, we need to make sure any photos we take care of the highest quality so we can use them. This free app, Mextures, allows us to use these photos and make them better with great features they are able to offer.

What Features Does Mextures Have?

Mextures offers textures. There are more than 80 textures that are original. These textures would be applied to the photos you take to make them look more interesting. Truthfully, Mextures is very similar to an extended version of Instagram with far more features than it is going to be. You get features like light leaks, grainy film, gritty film, and even some vintage film screens which are going to create some cool looking pictures you can post online or save and send to friends and family.

Using Blending Modes with Mextures

With the Mextures free application you download from the app store for your iPhone, blending is a big feature. Blending allows you to take different effects and create layers with them. As you create the layers you can make them something in which you have put your personal touch on it. The possibilities are endless when you enhance your images with blending modes. Spend some time playing with the blending modes to explore what they offer and how they work. When you’ve mastered it, start uploading the photos and share your unique pieces of artwork with the world.

Creating Beautiful Formulas

The formulas you have access to with Mextures are jaw-dropping. You can create the custom edit you want and use that formula over and over again. Work to create these and save them. Or, edit the formulas until you get a perfect option you are going to love. Their website even shows some great custom formulas iPhone users have created and were willing to share. You can start your formula creation using their ideas and build off of them so you can create your own. These formulas truly create some unique photos to share with people.