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Minecraft PS3 – UI Teaser Updates Released


The week started off with a bang for Minecraft PS3 gamers.

4J Studios announced earlier that they are busy working on the TU14 release and that they will show some teaser images of the upcoming user interface screens. The developers kept their word by making the screenshots official. Earlier, it was anticipated that the update will actually be an equivalent of the 1.3.1 version found on PC platform already and it has now been confirmed with more news from the developers themselves. Mojang has picked 4J to do the console port for them and so far, the company has been doing an excellent job so far even though they are handling more than four platforms at once. The team took to Twitter to show their much touted screenshots including those for anvil, trading and other customization options.

UI Screenshots

While 4J Studios has been constantly in communication with their fans, the original publishers of Minecraft PS3 came into the open sometime back. They revealed that they are indeed excited to be part of this growing community where they are porting the game to almost every platform. Thanking the studios for their excellent work, Mojang team confirmed that the TU14 is imminent for all platforms while the pocket edition of the game is set to receive some updates as well. A number of changes and fixes are on the way along with new user interfaces. The team said that they are working on some major updates, fixes and code rewrites which justifies the delay but the upcoming API will definitely be worth the time spent. Some annoying bugs such as the iron door drowning in water has been fixed among many others to ensure the best game play experience for ardent gamers.

Trading, Anvil and More

If the screenshots were something to go by, the trading interface involving NPC villagers, anvil repairing and two others have been officially confirmed. The player community is visibly excited with the customization options now available for their character. Earlier, it was specifically reserved for PC gamers alone but now the new updates will ensure that Minecraft PS3 will be close to the original version of the game as much as possible. The players will even get a tanned wolf with different colored collars and even a dyed armor. Some even posted questions to the developer whether all these features will make it to the PS4 version of the game as well. While the team didn’t answer it so far, it has already been confirmed that TU14 will be part of the next gen consoles by default.

The building blocks interface was more detailed than its older counterpart. Minecraft PS3 will feature multiple colors and variants of building blocks and a golden carrot. While carrot on a stick is a well-known feature which can be used to lure pigs into racing or to simply travel across the map, the exact application of golden carrots within the maps is yet to be known. Getting emeralds from NPC villagers is possible using the trading interface which will let players know the items that is needed to complete the trade.