Ever since its launch, the Nokia Lumia 520 continues to be the most popular Windows phone of all time because of its amazing specifications at an affordable price range.

The phone offers some unique features which are exclusive to the model. Buyers can know these striking additions found in the model so that they know the actual worth of the product they are about to buy. Here are those features explained in detailed.

Powerful Dual Core Processor

Usually, tech enthusiasts are obsessed with the processor used in smartphones because they are well aware of the fact that the more powerful it is, the higher the performance will be. The Lumia phone is powered by an exceptionally good 1 GHz dual core processor. The overall speed of the phone in handling specific applications, multi-tasking apps and quick response relies largely on this aspect. Everything is now possible with the phone including capturing multiple photos with a single click, smart shoot capability and image editing on the fly.

Enhanced Photos with Digital Lenses

The product uses digital lenses integrated with technologies that are exclusive to the brand. They are built-in to the phone and they are capable of capturing perfect shots with almost no blur or faded results. Smart shoot is a new feature used in the phone which makes it easier to capture even a dozen photos at the same time with a single click. They can later be edited to make picture based movies or a panorama of shots.

Nokia Mix Radio

Found only on Nokia Lumia 520, the Mix Radio is an exclusive app and feature for the Lumia family of phones. The app brings entertainment to the hands of the user. It is a free music streaming tool that will personalize the genre according to personal interest and doesn’t have any annoying ads associated with it. The app supports free downloads to the phone’s memory card until the subscription ends. It is designed for Windows phone operating system with better streaming and music sorting capabilities with an impressive user interface.

Here Maps

The new map technology devised by Nokia, Here Maps is available for free for the latest Lumia phone. It is extremely easy to use with simple navigation and even provides GPS style guidance to drivers. The maps are capable of sorting out public transportation by providing timely updates, walking distances and departures of flights when associated with a particular city. The maps are offered for free which sweetens the deal even more and it is one impressive feature that every traveler will adore.

Next Gen Touchscreen

Touchscreens are making waves on almost every platform with mobile phones being their primary area. Nokia Lumia 520 features extra sensitive touch screen which is highly responsive and has a distinct advantage over earlier technologies. The screen not only detects direct touches made by fingers but can also sense when it is touched using long finger nails or even car keys. Making the screen responsive to both wide finger touches and to sharp, precise sensitivity is a feature that Nokia made possible only with their device.

Technology Nokia Lumia 520 – Five Striking Specs and Features